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Democratically Elected President

Use current technology to elect a president democratically.
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The show would be called "Who Wants to be the President !?".

This would be a TV show that would provide a viable 3rd party candidate.

It would start in an open source forum like this one to narrow down the choices. Anyone can post an essay on who should be the president. Whoever gets the most buns gets to go to the finals.

The final 50 contestants would go on TV and get voted off one by one by the audience just like on American Idol. You could vote with your phone or by internet.

I think the winner would be tough to beat by the candidates produced by our current outdated system.

There could be unlimited spinoffs of this show. Including:

Who Wants to be Senator? Who Wants to be Secretary of Energy? Who Wants to be White House Custodian?

The best part of all of this is that it is virtually free and we would get exactly the type of government that we deserve. Now that’s a spicy democracy.

bneal27, Apr 26 2005


       I misread this as "Dramatically Elected President" - I thought he'd jump out of a cake or something.
hippo, Apr 26 2005

       I was all ready to fishbone until the last paragraph. You really have a point there.
Worldgineer, Apr 26 2005

       I'm not sure I want a government that we all 'deserve' - though the idea of having amatuer presidents/prime ministers does appeal, I worry that even the likes of Simon Cowel would be able to avoid the obvious pressures that outside influences might let sway on what would otherwise be a great idea. Cyncial perhaps, but not much. We'd be electing personalities certainly, and I'm not so sure I want to see more of that. Which brings me back to the idea of having a president 'that we deserve' <cold shiver>
zen_tom, Apr 26 2005

       Sorry to add cold water but it would be too easy to hack... Oh wait a minute, we already have that problem, don't we?
James Newton, Apr 27 2005

       i've been told this was tried on hbo - unfortunately, in america, there are rules about raising money that would prevent it.   

       oh, and the guy who won apparently didn't run.
simpleknight, Apr 27 2005

       An addition of a 'Simon' would be nice. It would be interesting to have them face the most difficult collective of examiners we could conjure up.
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2005

       The key here is the "openness" at the start, and the "fair" competition in narrowing it down. Once you do this for powerful positions, I can see the moneyed interests pushing their candidates pretty much the same way they do now. Or, are you saying that there can be NO ads for (or against) candidates, under severe penalties, by the candidate, their supporters, 3rd parties, bloggers, etc?   

       In other words, imagine if Halliburton, Shell Oil, the CIA, and the Bush crime family all did not want an American idol candidate to win. Would they?
sophocles, Apr 27 2005

       I think [UnaBubba] sums it up.   

       Miss him.   

       Or in the alleged words of the Beatles -   

       "Unabubba's dead, man, miss him, miss him"...
normzone, Aug 11 2007


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