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Contacts Fountain

Automatic contact lens remover & washer
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Anyone who has contacts knows they should take them out everynight. Sometimes you fail to take them out and you end up sleeping the night with them in. This is can cause problems because you are starving your eye for oxygen. The solution is to take your contacts out. The problem is that at the end of the night, when you just want to pass out, sometimes you get to tired to go through the process. Wash your hands, fill the containter with solution and remove and wash the lens.

My creation does this for you. Its constructed with two shallow dishes, next to eachother. The user bends down, presses a button, and a quick jet of solution knocks the contact into the dish. This would be a presurized, quick squirt that is aimed and the side of the contact. After the lens falls into the dish, it is washed by solution that is circulated via a small pump. Of course there are two setups like this, one for each eye.

It does not put them in, but it makes taking them out convenient.

evilpenguin, Jul 31 2007

[contracts] http://www.halfbakery.com/user/contracts
To whom [wagster] was referring. [Jinbish, Jul 31 2007]


       Not [contracts] fountain then... where is [contracts] anyway?   

       Nice idea - I've only worn contacts once (wolf-eyes) and they were HORRIBLE.
wagster, Jul 31 2007

       Where do you see the word contracts?   

       I call it a fountian because if you weren't using it, and it was just sitting there, it would look like a fountian.....
evilpenguin, Jul 31 2007

       Put your contacts back in, proofread this for spelling and punctuation, and leave a copy on my desk in the morning.
dentworth, Jul 31 2007

       I think the probability of a jet of liquid successfully knocking out your contact lens and depositing it into a receptacle is less than, say, 1.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 31 2007

       //the probability... is less than, say, 1// [marked-for-tagline]
wagster, Jul 31 2007

       Well Max, you don't wear contacts do you? Mine fall out every time I run water on one of them. I have to occassionally rinse an eye out at work, and every time, without fail, the darn thing comes out and ends up in the drain.   

       I know it would work.
evilpenguin, Aug 01 2007

       What we need here is a trained Archer Fish.
marklar, Aug 01 2007

       [Max]'s concern, I think is not so much the removal of the lens, but the catching of the lens in a reasonable sized compartment. I suspect that the lens is going to go everywhere in the bathroom EXCEPT into the little container where it is supposed to go.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 01 2007

       won't work for soft contact lens wearers. also, you don't need two jets, only one and some coordination.
k_sra, Aug 01 2007


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