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Conveyor bar

sit tight take your pick
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You have a circular bar usual set-up stools etc on the outside barstaff on the inside. The one big difference is that the surface of the bar is a conveyor belt or roller system with an assortment of drinks slowly moving around the bar,in effect the same system as a sushi bar but with various beveridges instead of food,take your pick and guzzle..well that's the idea anyway..I think.
skinflaps, Sep 19 2002


       how do you pay? would this be like dim sum where they just collect all your empties and charge accordingly? Perhaps combine this with the 'moneybar' so you know how much you are spending? It would be a novelty I guess.
rbl, Sep 19 2002

       Drunk people trying to grab moving glass objects? It'll end in tears.
calum, Sep 19 2002

       could be a way to test for sobriety.
rbl, Sep 19 2002

thumbwax, Sep 19 2002

       I don't think the idea here is to promote total inebriety so that the patron ends up a dribbling mess..people can do that anyway if they wish and there are certain guidelines and rules towards responsible intake of alcohol, the idea was more of a 'novelty bar' rather than to encourage a state of total intoxication. I'll leave the idea of payment to another halfbaker...i'm off down the pub then.
skinflaps, Sep 19 2002

       Actually, you may want to borrow more heavily from the sushi bar concept. Boats filled with beer would have a much broader base and lower center of gravity (ie would be spilt less easily) than glasses. Also, the barkeep won't need to wipe it up if its spilt in the current. Also also, the closing staff could have fun seeing how many day-worth of spilt alcohol is required to make the stream flammable.
nick_n_uit, Sep 20 2002

       [nick_n_uit] flammable streams, poor fish!   

       Re: payment, what about a pre-paid tab system and linked wrist band gadget* that automatically collects data when arm reaches for a drink. Don't change your mind too often though!!   

       * gadget - term for technical, electronic equipment that defies blonde comprehension
Sunshine, Sep 21 2002

       Make it a drink all night bar, pay one fee (cover charge) upon entry and that covers all drinks. The problem I see is more one of keeping the drinks cold, and the beer from losing its head
senatorjam, Sep 21 2002

       Doubt the fish would be sober enough to notice.
nick_n_uit, Sep 21 2002

       Yes great idea gets my vote.   

       Of course the drunk holding glassware and over-inebriation problems would be simply resolved. Simply assemble a strap-in built-in monitoring chair/device, which controls the drinkers arm, head tilt and swallow mechanisms with simple hydraulics and monitors blood alcohol levels.
rumbletumbler, Sep 22 2002

       i can see this is all rather moving.
skinflaps, Sep 23 2002


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