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Crenellated Bar

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Basically, a crenellated bartop so that tall people and short people can lean by the pumps and have a proper chinwag without any tippytoe or bendy knee action.

Each crenellation will be adjustable by use of a stout brass handle on the bar front, so that the optimum height can be selected by the patron. Also makes a good handbag/coat hook. The mechanism can, via the gift of the behind-the-bar-override, be disabled by the staff if people start playing silly buggers.

my face your, Aug 12 2003

Crenellations http://elfwood.lysa.../castles/crenel.gif
I was thinking along the lines of the top row pictured. Triangles and semicircles pose glass balancing problems beyond even sober minds. [my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

chinwag - a definition http://dictionary.r...om/search?q=chinwag
a public service broadcast to counteract the effects of the efforts of the squeakian Ministry of Misinformation [my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Levelling chairs - for [po] http://www.halfbake...20Executive_20Chair
This could work for bar stools. But they would not solve the problem when one 'props up' the bar. [Jinbish, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Crenellated? Chinwag? Playing silly buggers? I don't know where to start explaining why this confuses me.
jivetalkinrobot, Aug 12 2003

       Great idea! Also need an adjustable foot rest around the base of the bar (don't you just hate it when there isn't one at all?).   

Crenellated - from cranium. Meaning skull shaped or rounded and bumpy like the top of a skull.

       Chinwag - The action performed when one has a pub peanut caught between the molars and are attempting to remove it with contortions of the tongue.   

       Playing Silly Buggers - An ancient english tradition, connected to Morris dancing.
squeak, Aug 12 2003

       [squeak] Thanks! All cleared up here.
jivetalkinrobot, Aug 12 2003

       Hurrah - a fantastic idea. As one who is shorter than the average, I always feel rather stupid on going into those new trendy wine bar places with really high bars as I have to stand on tiptoes to order a drink. Brings back the feel of underage drinking.   

       A bun-on-stilts for you.
hazel, Aug 12 2003

       I'm voting for the idea - but this is not admission that I think any bar is anything other than perfect.
Jinbish, Aug 12 2003

       could we have barstools that go up and down like one of those horsey things at the fair?
po, Aug 12 2003

       How about a game where instead of shooting water into the clown's mouth to fill up the balloon, the bartenders shoot beer into *your* mouth until you pass out?
DeathNinja, Aug 12 2003

       This is a good idea. However, I think Silly Buggers may be inevitable.
custardlove, Aug 13 2003

       [custardlove] It certainly is if you live anywhere with a high percentage of rugby union players.
squeak, Aug 13 2003

       what, like Wales?
po, Aug 13 2003

squeak, Aug 14 2003

       //crenellated cleavage//   

       "Item: three-foot-tall siege tower, (collapsible into bicycle paniers)"
"Item: man-portable mantlets, handkerchief-based"
"Item: teeny tiny grappling hooks (weighted burrs on button thread)"
"Gentlemen, synchronise your sundials; we leave in five."
pertinax, Jan 29 2008


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