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Cook-progressed microwave

Microwave stops when meal looks like its cook-progressed self
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As with age-progression, software will extrapolate various stages in the progressive appearance of your food as it advances through the stresses of microwave life. Pick preferred appearance of your comestibles and get a meal looking like the way you like it almost every time!
4and20, Apr 09 2013


       I would love a microwave that uses an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of something in it. That way I could set it to heat my coffee to 170 instead of "how about 40 seconds".
DIYMatt, Apr 09 2013

       So if your food object explodes, will the software call you back for a council, give up, or blithely continue in the vain hope that eventually it's *gotta* start looking like progressed_120.jpg?
lurch, Apr 09 2013

       My microwave has a thermal sensor that can be programmed for a specific temperature. It isn't even top-of-the-line.
whlanteigne, Apr 13 2013

       We just used to put the bento (ready meal) on a pole and slide it into the Daiichi Fukushima plant, when I was in Japan. It certainly came out hot.   

       By some small digression, wouldn't it be possible to use the same technique with your local microwave dish tower?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 13 2013

       What makes microwave ovens work is the resonant cavity and the stirring blade to make the food cook evenly. If you simply place food in front of a microwave dish, it's going to cook unevenly.
whlanteigne, Apr 13 2013

       Dammit, there's always a catch.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 13 2013

       I discovered it was far easier to simply buy a sensor microwave from WalMart for US$120 than to climb the dang 70 ft tower twice a day to cook my hot dogs, anyway.
whlanteigne, Apr 13 2013


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