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cooking with music

A microwave oven with an mp3 modulated electromagnetic wave
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Why, because the pattern is sometimes more important than the energy level.

Imagine heating up a stack of donuts with the song 'stairway to heaven' and to top them off, making the honey more fluid with 'flight of the bumble bees'.

A roast dinner reheat could be done with the video content of one of those celebrity roasts.

Heating or sterilizing feeding bottles could be done with the children's nursery rhyme such as 'twinkle, twinkle, little star'

The pogues 'fairytale of New York' would make one over- the-top Christmas cake.

If music be the food of love then this microwave will instill food with any love you desire.

wjt, Mar 15 2009

someone has illustrated it for you...well, sort of http://jefftady.blo...-record-player.html
[xandram, Mar 17 2009]


       Sheer cooking brilliance. And very bakeable...I mean microwavable
blissmiss, Mar 15 2009

       You wouldn't be able to hear the music, would you? So, the device could fob you off with 'Three Blind Mice' every time, and you'd be none the wiser. [+]
pertinax, Mar 15 2009

       If the signal from the mp3 player was split before affecting the magnetron's output and piped to a speaker, you would have your verification.
wjt, Mar 16 2009

       Sweet...perhaps savory.   

       Now if... the circling plate was on flexible blocks and the speaker was mounted in such a way that the sound energy of chosen music also made the food dance ...
wjt, Mar 16 2009

       Nice idea, but all microwaves could be doing this already without you knowing. Being electromagnetic devices I think they would be into heavy metal myself. The only fault is using a digital recording device; these are the work of the devil. All music should only ever reside in the analogue realm.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 16 2009

       Aargh! To be absolutely legal, you'd have to hop onto iTunes and buy new ringtones(?) for your oven each time you wanted to heat something new.   

       Wouldn't want to cook with illegally-downloaded frequencies now, would we?
FishFinger, Mar 16 2009

       [eight_nine_tortoise] I imagine the food concurrently doing two musical dances, one with the electromagnetic and one with the vibrational . The metal case shielding probably would stop the radio and spurious wave modulation.   

       True, I wouldn't want food pulsed with a digital code. The digital code would have to be converted to an analogue electron voltage change to drive the speaker and modulator .   

       Oh ...I forgot , and that random heat dance .
wjt, Mar 16 2009


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