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Cookie Cutter Bender

computerized home cookie cutter maker
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There have been a lot of ideas on the HB about cookie cutter this and that; we generally at some point want some flat object represented in a cookie or cracker. I'm thinking silhouettes.

While bending some flashing for a pump house, I realized that bending a thin metal strip into a variety of shapes is really not that mechanically complex. It can be accomplished with a minimum number of brakes and presses, and rollers. Such technology already exists in the sheet metal industry.

A small version of this could be rigged to bend metal strips into cookie cutters. The input could be from computer software or from a standard card that you draw on and the bending machine reads and executes. The program would be made to bend tabs on the ends of the finished cutter; these would be crimped together to close the cutter. The kit would come with plastic "C" channel to press onto one edge of the cutter to protect the user.

Thousands of shapes could be shared over the internet, and limitless puzzles and themes could be produced. If you took a large picture and broke it down into it's constituent shapes, intricate cutouts could be made from a field with the right set of cutters. Imagine a cathedral with stained glass windows executed in colored doughs, etc.

nomocrow, May 05 2009

Manual commercial version http://www.coppergi...e_Cutters_CG656.asp
Because I just know I'm going to get email from people who want this. [jutta, May 05 2009]



       custom cookie cutters
loonquawl, May 05 2009

       I was kind of thinking of a home version.
nomocrow, May 05 2009

       Wayyyyyyy just a min here. Don't be so quick to toss these cookies. I'm thinking this could be a very good idea. You could customize your cookie cutters at home. On a whim. When the kiddies want to bake cookies you could go and decide what shapes for that baking session you wanted. Something new the kids just learned about in school perhaps.   

       I give this one bun to wrap my cookie in. (I like chocolate chip best by the way.)
blissmiss, May 05 2009


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