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Cheap cookies - TLRCTT

Cheap cookie - the cardboard tube loo roll
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To avoid repetition I will call the loo roll cardboard tubey thing "TLRCTT". Thanking your understanding in advance,

While trying to put some cookies down on a clean surface in the kitchen, I saw a TLRCTT in a vertical position and maneuvered them over it and...didn't work.

Oddly enough, the outer diameter of the cookies was just smaller than the inner diameter of TLRCTT.

Why is there such a conspiracy between cookie makers and TLRCTT factory? Which one of them decided the diameter first? What part, if any, do (hopefully unused) TLRCTT play in the making or storing cookies?

not_morrison_rm, Dec 27 2018


       Good grief. Either you have enormous loo rolls or very meagre cookies.   

       It's also worth noting that, if you get the placement just right, it is possible to stably balance ANY size of disc on top of ANY vertical hollow cylinder. Now go back and try again.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2018

not_morrison_rm, Dec 27 2018

       You've eaten the bloody cookies, haven't you?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2018

       No, I put them in a safe place, my stomach.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 28 2018

       But, somehow, without eating them?
pertinax, Dec 28 2018


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