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Cookie Cup

A perfectly shaped mug designed for premier cookie-dunking.
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One of the most annoying things while I'm trying to enjoy a midafternoon snack is when my blasted chocolate chip cookie is too wide to fit into my glass of milk.

I'm reduced to breaking the cookie in half in order to dunk it, not only showering crumbs and half-melted chocolate chips everywhere, but destroying the perfect shape of my beautiful cookie.

I propose a series of oval mugs (they would come in different sizes of course, for different cookies) that are perfectly shaped to allow a broad cookie to be dipped in the milk.

we_dont_eat_them, Feb 08 2007

Ken Eardley's mugs, £19 http://www.yellowho...5&sort_by=1&ltime=1
Four of the ones on this page might work. They're nice, but a little pricey. [jutta, Feb 08 2007]

Cooking dunking cup design http://www.makezine...ing_cup_design.html
This, and the slightly different page it links to, address the other aspect of dunking cookies: transportation in and out of the mug. [jutta, Feb 08 2007]

Square Mugs http://www0.epinion..._14-Ounce_Set_Of_4#
what you want is a Square Mug ! You could fit a jumbo jet into one of these if you orientated it across the diagonal [xenzag, Feb 08 2007]

with a slide bar to set dunkedness. http://www.makezine...blog/img413_431.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 10 2007]

Cookie Cup http://www.virginme...co.uk/album/4970866
Very rough adaptation of a Fabien Mosen pic that comes with Pov-Ray [TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 10 2007]


       But then the cookies are still too broad to fit in your mouth.
hippo, Feb 08 2007

       not mine. :P
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 08 2007

       So the idea is; big mugs?   

       I can't help thinking that somehow, this just might have been done before...
zen_tom, Feb 08 2007

       ah no, not big, they would take up too much space. I mean an oval-shaped mug, regular size at the bottom, but as the walls of the mug rise, they flatten and become oval...esque. basically, a mug that fits around a cookie, but no extra bulk (thus, the whole "oval" idea, not "circle")
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 08 2007

       no, [zen_tom], not big mugs, oval mugs. The idea is to keep the volume the same while optimising the shape for cookie dunking - I don't want a pint of tea (or milk). I'd rather make use of a variant of the "two cups of coffee" invention.   

       [wdet], I (with tea) dunk the edge in to a rather full mug, nibble that off, which makes the cookie a little bit narrower, which allows more to be dipped. Three iterations will usually do it. I'd buy a cookie cup like a shot though. bun.   

       been thinking about the ergonomics of it, though. Perhaps you need a rounded bit at the wide side of the oval (might have to think about left and right handedness) to make sure the milk does not spill upon drinkage. Unless your mouth really is that wide, of course.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 08 2007

       Hmmm, good point [TLAOB]. While I pride myself on my large mouth, you're right, i doubt any human being has a mouth wide enough (except cameron diaz, of course, but she's not on trial here).   

       Perhaps one of those triangle-esque lips that most pitchers have? Yes...yes, that will do just fine. Let's slap one of those on the broad side.   

       Additionally, in response to the 'left and right handedness', we'll just slap two handles on the mug to allow to multi-hand use.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 08 2007

       I am so buying this if it ever happens! And thanks, because I am left handed. my heart is touched by your consideration.
madame_butterfly, Feb 08 2007

       Yes, something the same size as pitcher lips would do it. My lips aren't triangle-esque, though, I think I'd prefer semi-circle-esque. If they were fairly small then you could have two (on each side) and only one handle, therby avoiding a cup which is wider than my 17" monitor.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 08 2007

       [NoOne'sHome] - yes, I too was thinking of 'two cups' - or some variation thereof.   

       I just can't help thinking that spillage is going to be an issue. It's just not that easy making a sound mouth-to-mug seal with a non-regular interface. i.e. there's a reason why most cups/mugs/glasses etc are round.
zen_tom, Feb 08 2007

       Unless it had a spout...
theleopard, Feb 08 2007


       who's up for actually making one of these! I'm seriously curious now.   

       So I think we all decided on the semi-circle protrusions, one on either side, to serve as miniature 'spouts', if you will.   

       and [madame], i understand your plight as a left-handed consumer. oh, not that I'M left handed. But my sister's old boyfriend was. And damn, did he have a hard time using our ice cream scoop.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 08 2007

       An open spout, or a closed one like in a teapot? A teat on the side would allow you to suckle from the mug, whilst simultaneously dipping your biscuit in the top.
zen_tom, Feb 08 2007

       Any budding potters out there? My wife used to do a lot but we don't have a pottery oven here.   

       Yes, [wdet] & [madame], I never realised that scissors were right-handed until I tried to teach my left-handed daughter to use them. It's not the design of the handles, it's the fact that you tend to push the blades away from each other (laterally) while closing them rather than against each other.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 08 2007

       [removes overenthusiastic anno due to sarcastic remark from [wdet] and tries to find a corner to sulk in]   

       oh, but first - closed spout / teats will rot your teeth, and elicit taunts from your colleagues.   

       The reservations I have about larger semi-circle is the increase in volume. The problem with smaller radii is (I'm imagining) having to pucker your lips around it. The solution is like those pitchers with bits around the spout which curl inward to contain ice-cubes. You could curl the outside edges of the broad sides inward while letting the centre edge out to form a nice circular edge of nice normal-mug proportions without affecting your volume too much. The inward curled edges would have to still leave a gap big enough for the thickness of your cookie - bliss!
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 08 2007

       Yes, my wife's a professional potter, with work (mostly tableware - mugs, bowls, teapots etc.) in galleries and shops in the UK, USA, Japan, etc.
hippo, Feb 08 2007

we_dont_eat_them, Feb 08 2007

       good luck [TLAOB], we happen to be in a circle room.   

       btw, *not intended to be sarcastic*   

       I was genuinely excited that we had figured it out! *cough cough* believe what you will...
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 08 2007

       As long as the room isn't spherical there's plenty of corners round the edges [wdet]. I'll just have to lie sideways.   

       I'd like to make an illustration for [hippo]'s wife to make up for sale in the UK, USA, and Japan, but I don't know how to post pics here...
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 08 2007

       oh, but the room IS spherical, [NoOne'sHome].   

       take that.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 09 2007

       [TLAOB]: Post the image somewhere else, like a personal webpage. Then link to it by using the 'link' link that is underneath the idea.
Jinbish, Feb 09 2007

       There is an amazing commercial on tv here, where 3 little ballerinas are each trying to dunk their Oreo into three seperate glasses of milk.   

       Well the level of the milk it to low for their hands and cookies to reach, so they slowly look at one another, nod, and then each tosses her milk into the center girls glass of milk, making it now reachable to all.   

       A lot of metaphors run past me when I see it, and I'm always entertained. So if they each had their own "cookie cup", the commercial would be silly and meaningless, hence I shall not vote or vote neurtral instead.
blissmiss, Feb 09 2007

       Now you've got me imagining some sort of Two Cookie manifestation, which might be dipped into Two Cups of Coffee. But as the latter is just a theoretical construct, I fear the two dunked cookies dream will not soon be realized.
phundug, Feb 09 2007

       [Jinbish]: Thanks   

       [hippo]: Seriously, please please please can your wife make something like my pic in the link please?
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 10 2007

       [wdet]: Well, given a spherical room I may be forced to give up sulking and have no choice but to be happy instead. Perhaps we should put the whole of humanity on a sphere to see if the lack of corners brings about world peace...
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 11 2007

       [TheLights] - Probably not - it's the sort of shape you could only do with slipcasting as opposed to throwing (which is what she does). Also, she *hates* doing commisions.
hippo, Feb 12 2007

       hmm [NoOne'sHome] now that's an interesting idea.   

       for a split second I thought "hey, earth is a sphere!" but then my hopes were dashed as I realized we are on the OUTSIDE of said sphere.   

       But hey, we could always pass an edict forcing people to live within the sphere?   

       of course, the temperatures of billions of degrees and the whole "molten core" thing might bring that whole train to a screaming halt.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 12 2007

       [bigsleep], if we negate the need for a cookie cup, then...then...what is the point? nah, let's not destroy the whole reason for my post.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 12 2007

       Billions of degrees?
Texticle, Feb 12 2007

       [SLEEEP], I really like your idea, however, the problem is not that the cookie won't reach to the bottom of the cup:   

       "Firstly shall the dunked cookie be eaten, while the cup is yet full, and thereafter the cup shall be drunken, even unto the dredges."   

       It's that the cookie is too wide for the cup, and even if the hot tea (or milk) is dangerously close to the top, only about 3mm of the cookie gets.   

       [anorexic], what [Texticle] said. Also, the living inside a sphere thing is very half baked. However, there's no reason to be in the sphere rather than outside it, we just have to iron out all those pesky mountains and other corners! 50 years of concerted world-spanning engineering, and world peace is within our grasp!!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 13 2007

       interesting...i shall henceforth start creating an idea for ironing out those pesky mountains, and maybe one day world peace shall reign.   

       come [NoOne'sHome], we have work to do.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 13 2007


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