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Cookie Of Death

Looks good enough.
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Looks like a normal chocolate-chip cookie. But really it contains tiny little electronic sensors that first detect when its in your mouth and your about to chew it. Then it activates small rockets concealed in the chocolate chips propelling it unchewed down your windpipe, choking you.

The deluxe version also inflates when its in your wind pipe.

Whizzo Chocolate Selection http://orangecow.or...ketches/crunchy.htm
Python, Monty. [DrBob, Oct 13 2010]


       I don't quite get it. Could you post a youtube video to demonstrate?
xenzag, Oct 13 2010

       Of me choking on a cookie???   

       Not really an original idea. 'Spring Surprise' anyone?
DrBob, Oct 13 2010

       magic, unless it has enough rockets to always be able to launch at the right angle, sensors to tell how it's being bitten, and the rockets are slow, smart, and agile enough to go down the throats of any shape, discern windpipe from throat, and lodge there rather than continuing.
Voice, Oct 13 2010

       Obviously it uses the force, Luke.
RayfordSteele, Oct 13 2010

       Perhaps instead of rockets in the 'chips a small heavy earth magnet could be baked into the cookie and the victim could be fooled into eating it over a large, well hidden, electromagnet.   

       [Perfectly valid variant on previous anno deleted for sake of humanity. It would have been capable of] ... causing a slow, painful death.   

       The HB isn't about inflciting pointless harm, and the posted idea isn't workable. [-]
baconbrain, Oct 13 2010

       Someone saw Despicable Me and decided to develop a variant cookie?
infidel, Oct 14 2010

       //Of me choking on a cookie???// It's your idea, so you must think it's ok, or do you just propose inflicting it on everyone else apart from yourself? (assumes high moral tone)
xenzag, Oct 14 2010

       This makes [infidel]'s Utter Bastards Food idea sound like Candyland. [-]
Boomershine, Oct 14 2010

       Darn, I thought my idea was vary original. How did so many people come up with the same deranged idea!?   

       Maybe because there's always someone smarter, or more evil, than you are, [bbsof].
infidel, Oct 15 2010

       Ouch. (:   

       I'm fairly sure there's a lot of people out there who are smarter and more evil than me. You are not alone, [bb].
infidel, Oct 15 2010

       hmmmm Utter Bastards food idea ...
po, Oct 15 2010


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