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Cookie switch

Deactivate - reactivate
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I have an add-on (Cookie AutoDelete) which automatically deletes cookies when I close a tab. This is a Good Thing because it gets rid of stuff.

The add-on has a white-list for really important websites (such as halfbakery.com) whose cookys are not deleted but are kept on my machine primed and ready for action.

Proposed is a "quarantine" option so that cookies from useful but less trusted sites (such as twatfacemazongle) are preserved but are not permitted to talk to the world until such time as I choose to un-quarantine them.

This would save me having to try and remember where to look up my twatfacemazongle password on the few occasions when I want to actually sign in to an account there, while allowing me my usual un-signed-in access the rest of the time.

That's all.

pocmloc, Oct 15 2020


       I like the idea of a quarantine for cookies but I'm not sure cookies are the best thing to use to remember your password for a website. I'd say cookies are useful for remembering some things, but for passwords I'd rather have something which just remembers (and encrypts) passwords and gives me access to them across all my devices.
hippo, Oct 15 2020

       There are sites that set a persistent cookie to recognise you. When it is deleted you are asked to sign in again but this not only requires username and password, but also a secret code sent by text message, a Turing test involving spotting American street furniture, and a letter of reference from someone of good standing such as a lawyer, policeman or school headmaster.
pocmloc, Oct 15 2020


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