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Better Viewing of e-mail

View full or most of the text at a glance : Avoid viewing un-necessary icons/ads
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Viewing e-mails directly through web browser under existing systems (in yahoo or gmail etc...) prevents viewing most of the text at a glance. The reason being, various action icons or ads or other facilities in the browser reduce the size of window. The viewer has to scroll down to read complete text.

Proposed solution : Add an option in the browser to view only the e-mail text in MS Word. Benefit is obvious as above.

Since I know only about MS Windows platform, I don't know if any limitation will be posed by any other operating platform(s).

vedarshi, Feb 07 2007

Low Res halfbakery http://www.halfbakery.com/lr/
[Ling]'s remembering this small version of the bakery, which can even be viewed on a phone! (kinda) [lurch, Feb 08 2007]

SqWebMail http://www.courier-mta.org/sqwebmail/
Simple, low-res webmail. [Noexit, Feb 08 2007]


       You want the advantages of free, web-based e-mail (it's free, it's web-based) without the disadvantages (the adverts which make it free).
angel, Feb 07 2007

       [Ian Tindale] What about yahoo mail ?   

       And BTW sometimes due to PC settings, print preview cannot be used if printer is not installed or connected.
vedarshi, Feb 07 2007

       Or you can get free, web-based email from someone other than Yahoo!, Google or Hotmail who will give you an IMAP interface, allowing you to view the mail in the non-web-based mail application of your choosing.
hippo, Feb 07 2007

       In Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options 'Advanced' tab 'Multmedia' section un-check 'show pictures' et voila
marklar, Feb 07 2007

       Just use a separate MUA. Why would you want to view your mail in a web browser anyway?
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 07 2007

       //Just use a separate MUA. Why would you want to view your mail in a web browser anyway?//   

       Usually I don't like "why don't you just ... instead?" type statements because to me they're against the spirit of halfbaked ideas. But this time it's exactly right. The idea itself is basically the creation of an MUA. While some MUAs are better than others at viewing email, imho they're all better than any webmail.
Noexit, Feb 07 2007

       There is a good point buried here - if I'd be an implementor of webmail, I wouldn't think of implementing this, but "show only text" is actually a really good feature to have. For the *site*, not the browser.
jutta, Feb 07 2007

       This is baked.   

       As well as the IE option, ThunderBird and newer versions of Outlook hide remote images.   

       Mobile browsers have text only options as they have small screens and limited bandwidth.
marklar, Feb 07 2007

       jutta, but didn't you implement a 'small' version of the halfbakery? (for handhelds?) I think I saw it once, but I can't find it again. Maybe it's too small.
Ling, Feb 08 2007

       have you tried quarterbakery.com?
marklar, Feb 08 2007

       Yeah, OK. I suppose I asked for that. But isn't there something like http://www.halfbakery.com/tiny or something? Can't see it in the help file.
Ling, Feb 08 2007

       Thanks for the link, Lurch. That's the one.
Ling, Feb 08 2007

       [Ling] - but the Halfbakery doesn't rely on advertising being displayed with the text. (For information, there's a Halfbakery RSS feed and a low-res version (http://www.halfbakery.com/lr) )
hippo, Feb 08 2007

       There _are_ webmail packages that are very simple and don't include a lot of images and junk in your email.   

       But, like angel said, if you want to use a free email service, there's going to be extra stuff in your messages. Even if you block graphics, there's likely to be extraneous URLs and other text only advertisements.
Noexit, Feb 08 2007


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