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Cooler lava lamp

Ordinary ones just don't cut it
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I have a lava lamp, its neat, but lost its appeal after a few weeks, same color, always the same color. What if the lava lamp, instead of just a bulb, had a bulb, thermometer, and regulator, to keep a constant temperature. Ie. too hot, dim light, too cold, brighten light. Simple. Remember those little things that go through a series of colours when you warm them? Same principle just applied over a different temperature range, and well, the lava lamp.

There could be two kinds: normal, and flowing. Normal would just stay at a constant temp, and the "lava" would shift depending on how hot it is, red-blue going up, green-yellow going down. "Flow" would have a wider temp. range to change the lava's color, the temp regulator would slowly shift up and down, maybe every 10 min, and the lava would constantly change, slowy into another color, less variation, no boring same color. I could have a fireplace made out of one of these.

swimr, May 06 2004

Liquid crystal temperature sensing stuff http://www.pa.uky.e...eat/preview/lc0.htm
like this [swimr, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       You could put that liquid crystal temmperature sensing stuff in the wax
schematics, May 06 2004

       link please to some type of "liquid crystal temmperature sensing stuff"
macncheesy, May 07 2004

       It's the stuff they use in cheap calculators. if you rub the screen it changes colour
schematics, May 07 2004

       I understand what [schematics] means, see link
swimr, May 07 2004


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