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Lava Window

View the world through lava.
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Double paned "lava" filled window. Sunlight streams through during daytime, rotating colored lights illuminate at night. Amount of lava could be adjusted for privacy.
37PiecesOf Flair, Apr 13 2005

Moveable windows Moveable_20windows
[daseva, Apr 13 2005]


       Sure, why not?
shapu, Apr 13 2005

       This is a really nice reworking of the Lava Lamp idea. Using clear and coloured oils you could maintain the transparency while having some cool blobs floating around your view.
wagster, Apr 13 2005

       This idea would collaborate well with [hippo's] Moveable Windows idea. Maybe have the lava and the window section in the wall together, so the transparent window is always randomly, smoothly flowing around the wall. That is, the lava would serve as the opaque wall, with a few windows meandering about. With the right mix of lava, windows, and scenery, this would be worth the trouble.   

daseva, Apr 13 2005


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