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Cooperative Thermostat Settings

Put control of my heat and AC usage out of my hands.
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Like most people, I want to do my share to reduce energy consumption as part of a sustainable, environmentally sound policy. The problem is that my flesh is weak; in the depths of winter or the heights of summer, my body caves in and cranks on the heating or air conditioning. What's a few more $$ on the utility bill just to be a little more comfortable, right? What I need is to have my house's temperature settings controlled by my neighbor. The catch is, my neighbor will also get the bill, so to save himself money, he will keep the temperature in my house set to minimize usage time. What's to keep him from turning off heating and AC all the time, then? Because the controls for his house would be located in mine; if he turns off my heat in the dead of winter, then I will certainly retaliate and shut of his. If he thinks his house is kept too cold (by me) he might try turning my heat up, but if I don't reciprocate he will be throwing money down the drain. In this way, both of our energy consumption and bills will be kept at the bare minimum.
riromero, May 09 2005


       It works in theory. If you like your neighbour.
hidden truths, May 10 2005


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