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Air Conditioning

Use the cool water in your swimming pool to cool your house
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It seems to me that my pool is always too cold and my house it too hot. Why not use a heat exchanger to help fix both problems.

Take a simple auto radiator, pump, and fan and blow warm household air over a radiator that is filled with the cool pool water...

jgbackes, Jul 08 2002

Same idea http://www.halfbake.../Pool_20Heat_20Sink
Half-baked already, sorry... [RayfordSteele, Jul 08 2002]


       The opposite of this was baked in the 60s. The 'swimming pool solar collector' worked by having graded salinity layers, denser at the bottom, so that solar radiation passed through to the bottom & heated it up, but the salinity grade stopped convection. And because of the pressure of the water layer, the bottom could heat above boiling (the salinity helped here too).
pfperry, Jul 08 2002


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