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Copy Copy Copy

Wouldn't it be great if we could copy more than one set of words at once?
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When you place your mouse over the word paste, a list of recently copied words should show up.
danman, Jul 09 2009


       There's a god-awful thing they introduced into the Microsoft office suite that seemed to randomly store your last 4 or 5 copy values - with a little pop-up telling you how clever it was that it was doing that for you (which you had to dismiss each time with a button-click. After a (short) while, you got tired of it telling you how clever it was that it was storing all of these copy values each time, that you eventually figured out how to switch it off)
zen_tom, Jul 09 2009

       Yes but this should not be restricted to one programme and it is not very difficult to avoid that problem.
danman, Jul 09 2009

       This is definitely baked in a less annoying way than what [zen_tom] described - a little freeware utility on my old mac. You could access a "clipboard" of recently copied words via paste-special or a similar command. I seem to recall it worked system-wide... will look up full info later.
ryokan, Jul 09 2009

       It was called CopyPaste, and it was invaluable
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 09 2009

       c't activAid (freeware software package) includes a feature with mutliple clipboards, very helpful, and not annoying with popups
loonquawl, Jul 10 2009


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