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Copy & paste

Multiple copy and paste buttons
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Kinda like the memory buttons you get on calculators but much easier to use (or maybe its just me that has trouble with that M+ M- stuff). A few buttons above the function keys on the keyboard have the ablitity to store text, images etc to multiple clipboards. So when you want to paste the information you just hit the appropriate button. This will make form filling in much easier. Like when you have to write your e-mail address lots of times you could just hit the button that you have copied that to. Very handy me thinks.
midvale99, Jun 20 2003

Try This http://www.halfbake.../USB_20Data_20Entry
..and this could move from PC to PC [senatorjam, Oct 17 2004]

Cooked in As-U-Type already! http://www.asutype.com/
It assigns each key on your keyboard a separate clipboard and allows you to copy/paste several text pieces at a time using only one hot key. [jd4067, Oct 17 2004]

Insert-key safety cover http://www.halfbake...ey_20safety_20cover
For [FloridaManatee]'s question [jivetalkinrobot, Oct 17 2004]

Baked - MS Office 2k Clipboard http://www.uic.edu/...5/office2000.html#4
MS Office 2000 has a 12 item clipboard. [lawpoop, Oct 17 2004]


       alt + f3 helps me a lot. if only I could remember the shortcuts
po, Jun 20 2003

       <Waves walking stick> Mnk..... Mnah..... when I was a lad .... when I was ...... we only had line editors, you know, none of this cut and paste ..... all command driven ....... the old teletypes, I can hear them chattering even now ...... Mnah..... Nurse ! Nurse ! Is it time for tea yet ? </Waves walking stick>   

       [midvale99], you are a spoilt, ungrateful wretch. Just learn the damn key sequences, OK ?
8th of 7, Jun 20 2003

       leave him alone you big old bully
po, Jun 20 2003

       That's a good idea! (I'm looking at the special built-in "One-touch internet access" buttons on my keyboard now and thinking about how stupid they are, and how much more useful your idea would be)
phundug, Jun 20 2003

       Not that I know how to do it, but it seems that this would not be too difficult. Great Idea!
Zimmy, Jun 20 2003

       How difficult is CTRL-C, CTRL-X and CTRL-V?
angel, Jun 20 2003

       What you really appear to be after are keyboard macros (i.e., you can assign strings such as your e-mail address and other keyboard sequences to some key). This is thoroughly Baked.   

       Microsoft also supplies a multiple copy/paste function with Office, though you appear to want the feature in a broser.
DrCurry, Jun 20 2003

       Go to any shareware site and search on "clipboard" and you will find a number of utilities that allow you to have multiple clipboard contents available on the fly. These will work with any app that uses the OS clipboard. So most of this is baked.
krelnik, Jun 20 2003

       But for things other than text? I have "cc" as a shortcut for copyclip and "tc" as copypaste. I could in fact edit the crap out of a menu to make cc1, cc2, tc1, tc2, etc. work for what midvale99 is talking about.
I was considering the ability to copy something in a project multiple times until I am done with the project where I would need it no more.
The more you can make shortcuts using only fingers on the left hand, the faster you will be as you don't have to take your hand off the mouse.
Zimmy, Jun 20 2003

       Some messenger programs like yahoo and also DOS has this sort of feture. just hit a button and it goes backwards showing all the text you typed in. Also, becuase of this problem of copying multiple text, I have a program I'm still working on (extra features) that works. Its basicly an advanced copy board.
DarkRanger, Jun 21 2003

       //One-touch internet access//   

       These buttons are designed for people that think they need one-touch internet access - those who have never used the internet before.   

       There are two buttons on the regular keyboard that are the bain of my life [Ins] and [Caps Lock]. To a lesser extent, the F1 key as well. In recent office versions, the F1 key launched the hated Office Assistant of the Help file, which takes an unnaturally long time to open and close.   

       I wish I could have stiff buttons for these keys. They should just take a little _extra_ effort to press. Before I post this as an idea, is it baked?
FloridaManatee, Jun 27 2003

       Internet explorer has an autofill funtion that takes care of the online form filling out aspect. Just have to set it up in preferences.
oxen crossing, Jun 27 2003

       // ... [Ins] and [Caps Lock] //   

       Yes. I swear that there is some keyboard combination or sequence on the *left-hand* side of my keyboard that automatically activates the [INS] key. And I keep hitting that combination without knowing what it is.
Next thing I know, blump! I've erased half of an existing sentence.

       But, since I never need the INS key anyway, a bit of rubber cement or Scotch tape should do the trick.
phundug, Jun 27 2003

       Try 'Hot keyboad pro', it can paste/replace, even mouse/keyboard recording is possibe, and all key combinations (shift,ctrl, alt, windowskey, or all cominations, also extra hotkey's on you keyboard).   


       I use it for helpdesk/callcenter call-loging. Complete forms with one button.
Some1iknow, Aug 13 2003


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