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closing time

one button to close them all..
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when you go to defrag your computer it is best if you close all but two programs: Explorer and Systray. So seeing as how i am to lazy to keep, alt ctrl delete'ing i propose a key which you can set to close all programs except explorer and systray and to start defraging your default drive (usually c) automaticly.
stinkycheese, Mar 02 2004


       i found my idea left the overview section kinda quickly so i made this annotation to put it back on
stinkycheese, Mar 02 2004

       Maybe if the idea was more original, you'd attract more attention. (See link.)
kropotkin, Mar 02 2004

       although i didnt lnow about that idea they are not the same. his is to close site/ads my is to close programs. the concept is the same but different
stinkycheese, Mar 02 2004


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