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Corporate Sustainabily: The Game

gaming + competition + social networking
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Like corporate wellness challenges, I propose an intra-corporate competition based on energy usage: different departments compete on who can save the most electricity, carpool the most (use least amount of gas, corporate fleets), walk to lunch, use the least amount of water ... essentially drop the company's electric/gas/water bill in a fun way.

Groups ("social networks") can help one another out by motivation and challenge sharing.

Competition groups (e.g. HR) can challenge other groups (e.g. IT) through "barter" challenges: " We'll turn off our lights for 15 min everyday if your whole group carpools to work 3days this week."

Individuals can get SMS reminders or eco-tips.

Winning group will get bragging rights + %of money saved.

Corporate will save tons of $ on utility bills + appear socially responsible.

Losing team must make up the loss by powering their side of the office using hand cranks.

goodmars, Dec 02 2009


       "Losing team must make up the loss by powering their side of the office using hand cranks."
This not withstanding, what's in it for me as an employee? If I save the company a dollar, do you think I'll see any of that in my paycheck?
phoenix, Dec 02 2009

       Maybe you can get a hand crank.
bungston, Dec 02 2009

       [pheonix] so if you weren't paid to, you wouldn't push sustainability?
goodmars, Dec 02 2009

       Not the Unix command "stainabily" when executed by a superuser, then?
hippo, Dec 02 2009

       Definite + from me. If I'm going to get a share of the money saved then I am happy to reduce my energy consumption at work to zero. In fact, I'll just stay at home, not work at all and just watch the money come rolling in. Woohoo!
DrBob, Dec 02 2009

       "[pheonix] so if you weren't paid to, you wouldn't push sustainability?"
Sure, but I'm not working in the dark or driving a Fred Flintstone car to work because of it.

       I run the IS department. If I shut my computers down the company actually loses money.
phoenix, Dec 02 2009

       Unless, of course phoe, you aren't actually very good at running the department. In which case they may be able to reduce their losses considerably!
DrBob, Dec 02 2009

       Stop peeking over my shoulder [DrBob]!
phoenix, Dec 02 2009

       I guess you can't turn off things if it's essential for your productivity...
goodmars, Dec 02 2009


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