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Couch cat door

Where'd the cat go??
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Kitty's always looking for mousies; sometimes a cushion is pulled out and she sneaks inside the couch (a convertible, so it's roomy inside). Someone pushes back the cushion and suddenly everyone's wondering 'where's the cat?'. Sooo let's add a cat door to one side of the couch so kitty can come and go and mousies will just go!
Steamboat, Mar 09 2009

Cat in a Sofa http://www.boston.c...iving_in_her_couch/
should have fitted one of these... + [xenzag, Mar 14 2009]

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       But... they used to get killed from lack of cat door...
zeno, Mar 10 2009

       Convertible couches (ones that fold out to beds) would definitely be dangerous, warning stickers on the moving parts may help (cats can see in the dark).   

       Possibly... no, Probably need some panic buttons throughout the interior of couch... Scenario: Billy-bob lowers his enormass mass as the unsuspecting cat is strolling through that particular part of the couch. Suddenly, Fluffy's eyes are darting as his body rapidly consumes all of the available oxygen. He see's it. With tail stretched near maximum, he is able to sound the alarm that frees him... after reading this, it is obvious that Fluffy's panic button should have been on his collar, beside the GPS receiver.
knowtion, Mar 14 2009

       The Feline Ouch Couch. (Great link [xen]]
blissmiss, Mar 14 2009

       My nonconvertible sofa has a hole in the back and the cat loves to sleep in there. This would be a great idea as a couch specifically meant to double as a pet den. Then it would be safe.
nomocrow, May 23 2010

       As long as it's an "in only" door, we will bun this ...
8th of 7, May 23 2010


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