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The Halfbakery Lounge is open for business
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Althought it has been around a while,it seemed a good time to introduce the croissofa : an invention worth mention. Please click on the link.

to further explain: When the invectives are flying and the fishbones are piling up, sometimes a Halfbaker needs a place to get away to relax or cool off. The Lounge is just such a place. Notice on the wall FarmerJohn's Around the Clock Hour Glass clock, and on the coffee table, see AO's Halfbakery logo Watermark left by the coffee cup. Next to the elevator doors is a crank, (mwburden's Elevator Crank) There is also a cuppa tea for those who don't drink coffee. Enjoy!

dentworth, Jun 19 2004

Elevator Crank http://www.halfbake...k_20for_20elevators
brilliant! [dentworth, Oct 21 2004]

Coffee Cup Watermark http://www.halfbake...e_20Cup_20Watermark
[dentworth, Oct 21 2004]

illustration http://picasaweb.go...5091503328131674210
[dentworth, Aug 01 2007]


       Hey Dent, Your gorgeousness <blush>   

       Could you make the text a bit bigger for us Kats with Bad eyes?   

       May I say.., You are rather Loveley!
The Kat, Jun 19 2004

       [the Kat], thanks so much, [blush] I wrote a summary for you and others, pc paint only offers one font in one size.
dentworth, Jun 19 2004

       It looks so comfortable, but my living room isn't large enough. Could you design some matching chairs, perhaps based on the half croissant in the top left of your screen? Door to wet bar at the cut off end?
kbecker, Jun 20 2004

       Shades of "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike"!
phoenix, Jun 20 2004

       I will keep working on side chairs, don't know about the maze, sounds like a new posting! But thanks for the ideas, all.
dentworth, Jun 20 2004

       Also known as the phyllo-sofa?
robinism, Jun 20 2004


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