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Car Seat Sofa

The comfortable car seat sofa
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The seats in cars are made to be comforatable for long periods of time and very ergonomic so why not make sofas that incorporate these features?

You would take a great comforatable car seat such as one out of a BMW or Cadillac with supple leather, lumbar support, massaging seats, armrests, power adjustment in many directions, etc... put some legs on them and use them as a sofa. You could even have a center console for cupholders, cell phone, cigarette lighter, integrated remote control..the works! The whole thing would be very heavy and fairly expensive with all the elctronics and motors but well worth it. Throw in an ottoman and you've got what I think would be a very comforatable sofa/armchair!

rwindleyme02, Jun 26 2003

Sort of an inside-out version of this idea. http://www.jrdclassics.com/couch.htm
[half, Oct 17 2004]


       If Pamela Anderson comes on the screen you could adjust your seat a few centimeters closer. I like it. Have you ever dropped something between a bucket seat and the center console in your car? What a pain getting in there to fetch it back out. No bucket seat couches please.
shazam, Jun 26 2003

       The Recaro recliner sofa.   

       [shazam] that assumes that there would be a center console and/or transmission tunnel in the sofa as well. Not a likely thing.
bristolz, Jun 26 2003

       Why not? You could build the remote control into it.
DrCurry, Jun 26 2003

       what is the definition of an ottoman? I thought it was a different design of sofa?
po, Jun 26 2003

       an ottoman is a type of foot rest
actually www.m-w.com says a : an upholstered often overstuffed seat or couch usually without a back b : an overstuffed footstool
shazam, Jun 26 2003

po, Jun 26 2003

I am curious. What does cheers mean. I have a friend from New Zealand who always says it for hello or good-bye. Is it kind of like aloha is to Hawaii or the "F" word is to rednecks?
shazam, Jun 26 2003

       thank you!
po, Jun 26 2003

       As used by the folks from down under, it's more properly "Cheers, mate!"
DrCurry, Jun 26 2003

       Rednecks say "farewell?"
bristolz, Jun 26 2003

       you left our shores too long ago. the single "cheers" is a very popular expression, here in London anyway.
po, Jun 26 2003

       //If Pamela Anderson comes on the screen//
Could you rephrase that?
She was on The Tonight Show with Leno last night. Over-inflated. But P-Diddy and friends had a surprisingly good set. Wait, let me rephrase that...
thumbwax, Jun 26 2003


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