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Definitely not an excuse for a welter of electrical engineering puns.
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In his scruffy raincoat, with unkempt hair, Inspector Coulombo doesn't look much like the stereotype of a super-sleuth. But that's just what he is. Whenever there's a murder involving physics or electicity, Coulumbo will show up, relentlessly probe the suspects (with a set of multimeter probes), test all the factors, and finally isolate the killer.

Don't miss the next shocking episode …

8th of 7, Sep 18 2012

Free electricity after a fatal accident Free_20electricity_..._20fatal_20accident
Prior Art acknowledged [8th of 7, Sep 18 2012]


       I'd welcome him into my ohm.
normzone, Sep 18 2012

       Is that pi?
rcarty, Sep 18 2012

       There are a couple of loose ends I'd like to tie up. Nothing important you understand. Just making sure the facts are current.   

       Next, a series about his Victorian predecessor, Sherlock Ohms, and his assistant (who works in parallel), Dr Watt-son …   

       <Wonders of repeating venerable pun about "Putting him in a cell and charging him with a salt and battery" will go down well, decides against it>
8th of 7, Dec 14 2013

       I'm sure some will resist his investigation, but if he has the capacity to keep. grounded.... Perhaps he can leave investigating some aspects fara (nother) day. Like that earth he discovered, usually found only in Bolivia, or Maplins.   

       <wah wah wah>
not_morrison_rm, Dec 14 2013

8th of 7, Dec 14 2013

not_morrison_rm, Dec 14 2013

       This would be actually a very useful character to have around. In my experience, electrical repairs are easy - its sleuthing out watts the source the problem which is the difficult part. If Coloumbo doesn't have too high of a charge I would find him hard to resist.
AusCan531, Dec 14 2013

       Ahhm this is just a 'watt if' scenario..but he'd be a natural for the next Transformers film.   

       <one begrudged bun, with no currents>
not_morrison_rm, Dec 15 2013

       Sitting there, pondering the case, he becomes CHARGED with enthusiasm. Finally, when the case CLOSEs, he is fully DISCHARGED of energy, losing his POTENTIAL to solve any cases for quite a while.
EdwinBakery, Dec 15 2013

       I've always favored Miss Marple. If I were single and she were a bit younger, I'd may capacitor.
csea, Dec 15 2013

       I'd may capacitor? I'd may capacitor?   

       I doff my cap in admiration.
normzone, Dec 15 2013

       After 5 goes at it, I got it. If the technology was available I would edit it out of memories....
not_morrison_rm, Dec 15 2013

       <Proffers ball-peen hammer to [not_morrison_rm]>
8th of 7, Dec 15 2013

       Er, cheers.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 15 2013

       Don't mention it.   

       We understand that the technique is to grasp the hammer firmly by the end of the haft, and not to over-extend the backswing.*   

       Repeat until you can no longer remember why you're hitting yourself on the head with a hammer, then stop (actually, most people do stop at that point).   

       *Statutory warning: correct use may cause serious injury or death.
8th of 7, Dec 15 2013

       First time I solder, I knew I couldn't resistor...
csea, Dec 15 2013

       You're not even going to gift wrap that are you? Cheapskate.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 15 2013

       According to my multi-meter, 21Q is in the lead.
AusCan531, Dec 16 2013

       //Whenever there's a murder involving physics//   

       So thats hardly any then apart from the occasional one involving an atom, any fundamental particle, all fields, sigularities, thermodynamics, shearing forces from knife blades, energy, fluid flow or the entire history of the universe.   

       I volta for it
bhumphrys, Dec 18 2013

       A pedant <points at self> would go for poisoning as being chemistry.   

       Being tricked into falling off that cliff would better be categorised as geography.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 18 2013

       This is positively the worst idea here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 18 2013


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