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Forged in watching TV

Rank amateurs with shit experience forging blades forge blades quench them in oil or water or God knows what
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There is a show in the US called "Forged in Fire" where blacksmiths and blade smiths compete in a three-hour competition to produce knives from various grades of steel. I've watched this show long enough to have become convinced that I can do exactly what those bastards can do. I mean, I graduated freaking law school after being raised poor in the poorest parish in the second poorest state in the Union. I can do any God Damned thing, including walking on to a forge floor with absolutely no experience and pounding out a sweet blade devoid of cold shuts or delaminations. Handle making, I've seen that shit done about a hundred times. I'll give the $10K prize to my local food bank.
nomocrow, Nov 03 2017


       OK - but, if you're so smart, as you undoubtedly are, then why are you spending time and nervous energy on watching reality-TV shows that make you angry?
pertinax, Nov 03 2017

       I mean, you could be here instead, commenting on ideas that make you angry. :-)
pertinax, Nov 03 2017

       There once was a man, who completed some law,
Who while watching the telly, exposed a personality flaw.

       He saw people cooking, and forging, and renovating a lot,
This made him quite tetchy, and his ears grew quite hot.

       "I've had enough of the knives!" he cried and he shouted.
"The reno, the cockroaches, the bachelorettes flouted!"

       "I can do all this stuff, except a concept that's new,"
That's way too hard, but I'll do what they do!"

       So he got a cockroach, a knife, and a bachelorette,
And some rickety old house, built on a bet.

       The reno began! The beating of knives!
The training of ladies into helpful wives!

       The cockroaches were eaten with ample derision,
Until he got bored and flicked on the television.

       Then he sat himself down with his blades and his wife,
And shook his fist at that screen for the rest of his life!
mylodon, Nov 03 2017

       So, given the health care costs in the USA, perhaps this show could have a spinoff, where people who could not afford life saving surgeries could be paired up with people who felt qualified to perform those surgeries from all the hours they spent watching Gray's Anatomy or Rex Morgan MD.   

       May as well roll in Dancing With The Stars and have the television audience vote on who is going to perform the surgery.   

       (Rapid disclaimer voice speaks) " No television in my house, I do not watch television, this annotation exhausts my television knowledge, not a lawyer, I only play one on the Halfbakery, consult a medical professional and ask if " Forged In Watching TV " is right for you "   

       [nomocrow], you should put together a pitch and go see some Hollywood types. This concept could be the next big thing.
normzone, Nov 03 2017


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