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Counting Down Pool

"5 hours to the next pool party, 927 days until the next solar eclipse..."
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I think it would be pretty cool for the bottom of my swimming pool, instead of a blue bottom, it would have a clock face on it. The clock could be showing the time of day, when the next pool party will be (you'd have to program that one in), or possibly things like solar eclipses and meteor showers (found through an internet link to a reputable site dedicated to comets, if it's possible, or you'd just have to program that in too).

The clock would be like the kind you have on a digital watch, kept beneath the ground and the bottom of the pool would be some kind of plastic/ glass (what kind would be debateable) and I guess it could be solar powered in warmer climates (either that or regular mains power).

It would be kind of weird to watch when you're in the swimming pool, but still...

froglet, Jul 28 2005


       I have a massive phobia of large moving underwater objects. Like wave machines for example; they may seem a hilarious jape but imagining what they actually look like makes me shudder.   

       The thought of blade-like hands sweeping around beneath me fills my very soul with terror.
pooduck, Jul 28 2005

       No moving blades here, from what I can see. But just for you, we could throw in a plastic shark.
DrCurry, Jul 28 2005

       //The clock would be like the kind you have on a digital watch// How did I not notice this?   

       [+] I like this idea!
pooduck, Jul 28 2005

       Kinda baked in Dublin leading up to the Millennium - "The time in the slime".
coprocephalous, Jul 28 2005


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