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Covering Fire Machine Pistol

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Not meant for accuracy in the least bit, the CFMP is a snub noseed, ultra compact machine pistol with a twin drum clip. The ammo for the pistol should be any sort of handgun or sub-machine pistol round noted for it's loudness.

The point is to provide cover fire without using up your primary weapon's ammo.

Please, for once, fishbone this for any reason other than the fact that it's a gun. You can anno "I dissaprove of violence and the instruments of such" all you want, but don't fishbone this unless you have a legitimate complaint about the tactical use of such a device, please.

Pretty please, with sugar on top, whipped cream, and a cherry.

notmarkflynn, Mar 03 2006

Japanese Drums http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiko
Better than any gun [xenzag, Mar 03 2006]

Halfbakery http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halfbakery
[spidermother, Mar 03 2006]

Taiko- I mean, Twin Drum Clip http://www.arizonag...ody_betacocmag.html
[notmarkflynn, Mar 04 2006]

Patriot http://www.security...yfiles/0200/213.htm
[notmarkflynn, Mar 04 2006]

Glock 19- Check this out... Awesome. http://www.starsol.org/ericl/g19-18.mov
This is the gun you are talking about, one of the only pistols with a fully automatic or "pray and spray" selector... [Pac-man, Mar 05 2006]


       Can we fishbone it for pedant reasons? Readily concealable weapons all come without seeds.
normzone, Mar 03 2006

       Why not just make some firecrackers with a grenade-type pull fuse?
Pac-man, Mar 03 2006

       Or just carry more rounds in a larger clip instead?
Pac-man, Mar 03 2006

       //they would be great in situations where everything that moves was an enemy// Including strategic withdrawal of friendly forces?
Still trying to get my head around the concept of a compact, twin-drum clip.
So, a weapon that is small and makes a lot of noise? Plus, what [rcarty] & [pac-man] said. Bone anyway.

sp. "disapprove"
coprocephalous, Mar 03 2006

       Why is everyone on this site so nazi about spelling? No offense.   

       The machine pistol is done and is inefficient and almost useless in combat.   

       The turret could have a few problems like: how do you disarm it once it is set? How do you reload it? It could also be easily destroyed with a well placed grenade or rocket. I think someone has been playing a bit too much Team Fortress. :D   

FunkyMunky, Mar 03 2006

       "The point is to provide cover fire without using up your primary weapon's ammo."
So instead you carry around an whole additional weapon *and* ammunition for that.
st3f, Mar 03 2006

       //twin drum clip// Never heard of a gun with a set of drums. Does it also have cymbals, tom toms and a high hat and a set of miniature sticks ? I get it now - you start playing the tiresome drum solo, and everyone runs away, then you get out the "primary" weapon - Japanese Taikos I presume, to totally deafen them - see link.
xenzag, Mar 03 2006

       [funkymunky] What is "nazi" about clear communication?
coprocephalous, Mar 03 2006

       I just think that people go a bit overboard with the spelling corrections. I mean as long as you can understand it without having to decipher what they are trying to get across does it really matter? As long as they aren't writing stuff like "yeh sweet bell MCs 24hour sweet say 1 coz take about 20 mins to get to ring road and pub jon has to work in the monring but still is coming" (quoted from a car forum) it should be alright.
FunkyMunky, Mar 03 2006

       //spelling corrections// Insistance on correct spelling is part of halfbakery culture. It says so in Wikipedia (link), so it must be true ;-).
spidermother, Mar 03 2006

       sp. "insistence" ;-)
coprocephalous, Mar 03 2006

       <hides head in shame>
spidermother, Mar 03 2006

       <finds [spidermother's] head, holds it up for display.>   

       If the emphasis here is on loudness, why not just just have a chip and a large speaker to broadcast the sound of gunfire. One could also broadcast screams, exclamations (MY EYE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY EYE!) and heartrending pleas for mercy in the language of your adversary. Also one could include that scary TRex roaring from Jurassic Park.
bungston, Mar 03 2006

       A gun that makes a lot of noise but can't hit anything? I thought this was already standard issue for Hollywood bad guys.
egbert, Mar 03 2006

       One would want to also incorporate a broadcast of the sounds of your forces as they "seize his total possessions, leave his married women weeping and wailing, ride his gelding, and use the bodies of his women".   

       If that could be possible.
bungston, Mar 03 2006

       The idea of "covering" fire is to shoot off a bunch of rounds with mild accuracy in order to make the enemy "take cover," in other words, scare them into jumping behind shit.This gun is designed to be scary and loud.   

       Twin drum clips do exist. See link for details.   

       And anyway, I found out that this idea is baked, in the form of the Patriot machine pistol, a cut-off version of the M-16 commonly used with a twin drum clip.
notmarkflynn, Mar 04 2006

       [Bungston], I remember reading in one fiction book about an B-52 type of airplane that would fly over a secure enemy area and use speakers to broadcast people screaming for mercy in their native language and begging the troops to surrender to save their lives. The book was supposed to have taken place in Vietnam.
notmarkflynn, Mar 04 2006

       // We insist on proper spelling and grammar because it's what we use. You might learn something?   

       PS Munky is spelled Monkey, OK? //   

       I don't need to know anything more about spelling or grammar. I realise how monkey is spelled. It was intentionally misspelled.
FunkyMunky, Mar 04 2006

       You need it to be very loud. Use large caliber.   

       You need it to be able to hold lots of ammo. Use small caliber.   

       For blithely overlooking the conflicting requirements, a fishbone. Embedded in a maraschino, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and traveling at 500 meters per second.
lurch, Mar 04 2006

       //scare them into jumping behind shit...// They would have to be dinosaur turds, to be big enough to hide behind.
xenzag, Mar 05 2006

       [Munky] sp. "realize"
jellydoughnut, Mar 05 2006

       sp: realise. Realize is the Americanised translation of realise, which is perfectly acceptable.   

       sp: jelly doughnut
hidden truths, Mar 05 2006

       I know; I was kidding.   

       sp: "Americanized" :) You probably meant bastardised, anyway.
jellydoughnut, Mar 05 2006

       The education system in America is an embarrassment. I doubt half of American high school graduates can spell or use proper grammar, which technically makes them illiterate. Yeah, it's annoying when people correct you, but I'm sure some of you agree (especially our British friends) that it will help you in the long run. I have no problem with slang and Ebonics as long as you can speak proper English as well.
Pac-man, Mar 05 2006

       Hey, do you live in America?! Until you do, you'll have no idea how bad it actually is here. (grammatically)
jellydoughnut, Mar 05 2006

       [JellyDoughnut]Yes I do, I always have. (It's even worse than that- I'm a New Yorker). I may have exaggerated a bit, but I firmly believe that we don't enforce the educational fundamentals nearly enough, especially when compared to other countries. Everyone here has spell-check and calculators... so why bother to use your head when it comes to simple things such as spelling or simple math? That widespread attitude may be more to blame than the system, but our schools should still make a better effort to teach kids to spell and calculate. Take away these tools (spell-check ect.) and any 7th grader from Jamaica or South Africa can thoroughly shame most High School graduates in America in writing a letter or solving an equation. Sad but true.
Pac-man, Mar 05 2006

       Canada's no picnic either. I employ several young people who have trouble spelling "Thursday" correctly and their handwriting is atrocious. It's much worse than mine and I always got an X for penmanship all through elementary school.   

       [FunkyMunky], pedantism runs deeply in the psyche of the halfbakery. It's used as a form of playful criticism that sometimes has a sarcastic edge, but also has been known to lead to hilarious and entertaining consequences. Don't sweat it. Sometimes it's the only reason some of us have to annotate an idea.   

       Well, that, and it makes us feel superior.
Canuck, Mar 05 2006

       <Retrieves head from hiding place. Wipes off excess shame. Holds it up in hope of hilarious and entertaining consequences>   

       //Sometimes it's the only reason some of us have to annotate an idea// So our pedantry is just a form of covering fire?
spidermother, Mar 05 2006

       Why can't I use the word shit in a coloquial sense? Why? It's a legitimate speech pattern. I use shit to describe shit all the time. Like that shit over there.   

       Why has this turned into the grammar corner, for that matter?   

       Thanks for the link, Pac-man. (Wierd sentance...)   

       And yeah, I should've just said to use a round balanced for caliber and sound, like I meant to, instead of the confusing fallacy I typed instead.
notmarkflynn, Mar 05 2006

       Well, [spider] I know a lot of mine is. Is that a bad thing?
Canuck, Mar 05 2006

       Maybe for fire-suppressing qualities, you could use a mixed load of blanks and live rounds, say 5:1 blanks to live, which would make the magazine lighter. How is the sucker down the alleyway to know which is which?

To all, re. grammar and spelling. Just because we invented the language, don't imagine we Brits are any better at using it!
coprocephalous, Mar 06 2006

       Generally, we are though, innit.
zen_tom, Mar 06 2006

       // Maybe for fire-suppressing qualities, you could use a mixed load of blanks and live rounds, say 5:1 blanks to live, which would make the magazine lighter. How is the sucker down the alleyway to know which is which? //   

       Have you ever had a bullet fire past you? You CAN tell the difference. A whizz sound as it is going past.   

       Just for the sake of it........ shit
FunkyMunky, Mar 06 2006

       //Have you ever had a bullet fire past you?// No. I'd be shitting myself.
spidermother, Mar 06 2006

       Are HalfBakery Annotations "speech" or "literature" as regards grammatical style?
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 06 2006


       sp. "grammatical"
What [2fries] said.
coprocephalous, Mar 06 2006

       A munky on a dunky eating a leg of turky.   

       In regards to grammar, I'm fine when a teacher corrects a paper for grammar, but when someone who is in no way responsible for my education constantly points out slight flaws, it gets annoying.   

       Not thet anyon can corect my prefect spellling.
notmarkflynn, Mar 06 2006

       sp: minky   

       Peter Sellers said so.
skinflaps, Mar 06 2006

       Hopefully, the state.
notmarkflynn, Mar 07 2006

       Could I get mine in the form of a pearl handled 22mm?
ye_river_xiv, Sep 05 2006


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