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Steam Powered machine gun

High pressure steam expansion projectile launcher
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What I was think was that if you could modify an existing gas blowback machine gun, with a high pressure steam line from a boiler backpack going to a hole in the back of the breech block via a sprung loaded trigger valve. Just the loading mechanism would need to be retained as no spent cartridges would be ejected due to no explosive propellant being used. Also more rounds could be carried in a magasine due to no space being taken up by the propellant.
Private Hook, Mar 26 2004

Steam Powered Gun http://anthonyjhick...D7780256D7200376AFD
It looks automatic as well - spinning front crank arm looks like it automatically loads shot and fires. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Steampunk! http://www.geocitie...oHo/9094/STEAM.html
[bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Steam-powered pencil sharpener http://www.halfbake...0pencil_20sharpener
The ultimate application of steam power. [hippo, Oct 04 2004]


       This might cut down on shootings in the heat of passion. If you piss someone off but they have to wait for their water to boil before they can shoot you then they might not bother.   

       Then again carrying around a boiler pack all day might just make them all the more hot and bothered and likely to shoot someone.
Beefcake, Mar 26 2004

       Gonna need a cooling system as well, if you're going to operate it for any period of time. I envision a big car radiator, electric fan, and water pump.
normzone, Mar 26 2004

       I was thinking gas but with a back-up function for coal firing just in case.
Private Hook, Mar 26 2004

       There is a term for this sort of fiction - scifi set in the past a la "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". I can see the device you describe set up as part of a cannon guarding the fort of some evil genius circa 1820.
bungston, Mar 26 2004

       Retro sci fi?
DrCurry, Mar 26 2004

       Steampunk! (link)
bungston, Mar 26 2004

       Steam power? Are you going back in time to be attacked by knights ? Knights who say Kni ???
python, Mar 27 2004

       We need more steam powered stuff. I'm all for a steam powered time machine.
simonj, Mar 27 2004

       And a steam-powered toaster.
FarmerJohn, Mar 27 2004

       Or maybe a steam powered hair dryer
simonj, Mar 27 2004

       Yeah he was my great-to-the-power of something really big uncle
Private Hook, Mar 27 2004

       I think the velocity of any gas in a pipe is limited to the speed of sound, for that gas. Some kind of "throttling" effect.
Ling, Mar 27 2004

       "I'm just going to put the kettle on - stay where you are..."
hippo, Mar 27 2004

       "O-ma-god, don't drink that! That's not tea, that's ... "
FarmerJohn, Mar 27 2004

       I think White Castle uses a steam powered toaster. Or steamer. Mmmm white castle... be right back.
bungston, Mar 27 2004

       And a steam powered locomotive!   

       Oh, wait...
GenYus, Mar 27 2004

       I'm working on a steam powered de-humidifier. I can't seem to work the bugs out though, it’s making its own fuel and the damn thing won't quit running long enough to tinker with.   

       Leonardo DaVinci supposedly built a steam cannon. It worked but it wasn't as good as a conventional cannon. It also wasn't an automatic.
Madcat, Mar 28 2004

       There was one semi-practical application for steam guns. Not a machine-gun but a mortar; the Holman Projector was common on HM’s vessels during the early part of WW2. Search it for some good stories.
Fussass, Mar 28 2004

       Not a bad idea   

       I like the idea of being able to pop off a limey or two while drinking my daily cup of tea and perhaps sitting in the sauna forawhile
fuh_teng, Mar 29 2004

       baked in fiction: riverworld, by phillip jose farmer, 80s: for want of explosives and fuel they build a steam-powered riverboat with steam-powered machine-guns..
loonquawl, Jul 12 2007

       Didnt the A-Team build a similar gun that fired cabbages?
S-note, Jul 12 2007

       What we need is a steam powered steam cleaner and steam iron!!   

       the fastsets a pressure wave can move is the speed of sound. that why with an a bomb you first see/get burnt by the light then get blown to hell by the overpressure and underpressure. i do belive that the fact the the gun would only work when hot as other wise the steam would consends would be a bit of a problem and that if i had to design aroung this i would prefer a steam engine winding up a ballista type weapon that fires shot
IceFest, Jul 12 2007


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