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Cranial mouse accessory

Nod to click "Yes," wag to click "No"
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Simply a small sensor placed on top of the head to allow nodding "Yes" to assert an affirmative click in the mouse signal stream, and likewise a shaking of the head "No" to assert a click on "No."

This would not interfere with normal mouse operation, but allow clicking by traditional kinesthetic means.

Implementation (optical, gyroscopic, bluetooth, whatever,) left as an exercise for the casual observer or fanatic HB'er.

csea, Feb 22 2012


       strange.. I just got a mental image of the telepaths from 'Beneath the Planet of The Apes'
simonj, Feb 22 2012

       // Implementation //   

       Optical triangulation would be simple. It would just be a mini-Kinect set over the screen/monitor like a webcam.
Alterother, Feb 22 2012

       Technology to trace eyeball movement has existed for years, in camera viewfinders for example. The camera reads where in the screen your eyes are looking and focuses in on that area.   

       A mini-Kinect set over the screen that zeros in on your eyes and puts the mouse where you are looking. Blink once to click, twice to double click, three times to right click. Mouse wheel would be replaced by the screen automatically scrolling when you look at the edge of it.   

       You would have to get in the habit of looking away suddenly though, not letting your gaze linger on the edge of the screen, or you'll be scrolling when you don't want to.
Psalm_97, Feb 22 2012

       I would prefer a camera-based system. Smile for yes, stick out tongue for no.
Cedar Park, Feb 22 2012

       & little paw palms waggling behind the ears...
po, Feb 22 2012


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