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color sphere trackball

choose colors intuitively with a colorful track ball
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I was thinking about the color wheel and then I though, a color sphere could be interesting.

A spherical color wheel is actually fairly baked, but an input device for artistic types might be useful.

The idea is a track ball (tracked by a fancy laser system, so there are no alignment issues) with colors printed on the sphere itself.

On the "equator", the colors cycle around like on the usual color wheel. One pole starts from white and along each longitude line the colors go from white through their particular color to black.

A small touch screen on the side of the ball acts as a slider for saturation.

talldave, Apr 28 2008

Wikipedia article on color solid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_solid
Describes the basic color sphere idea. [talldave, Apr 28 2008]


       Doubleplusgood [+]
8th of 7, Apr 28 2008

       Kai's Power Tools had a virtual interface like that. I don't know if any screenshots are still extant now that KPT has gone the way of the Internet Bubble.
DrCurry, Apr 28 2008


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