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Cream Cheese Zen Garden

A miniature zen garden with cream cheese instead of sand.
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This idea is inspired by the beautiful swirling patterns that form on cream cheese when you spread it with a serrated blade.

The Cream Cheese Zen Garden is just a wide, flat tray covered in a layer of cream cheese. Using the included mini rakes and spades, you are encouraged to form as many pleasing ripples as you want on the surface of the spread. If it seems too minimalist, you can sprinkle some dill on it, or even put some (clean) pebbles on it in strategically placed positions. When you have achieved inner peace, just put the whole thing in the fridge. Hungry? Scoop out some cream cheese and spread it on your bagel. Then, of course, you have to preserve the flow of the garden by flattening it out again and filling it with more waves of zen.

DrWorm, Jun 23 2010

Got a water feature for you. http://www.huffingt...stiga_n_618484.html
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Heston's Feasts http://www.channel4.../heston-s-feasts-1/
Heston created a whole edible garden [simonj, Jun 24 2010]

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       // pebbles //   

       Croutons ?   

       What about a cheese tree in the middle ?   

8th of 7, Jun 23 2010

       Edible zen garden, brilliant. [8th], you didn't actually click for that bun.
zeno, Jun 23 2010

       Borg buns don't register until their system signs off or shuts down. ... Anyways, this idea is kinda xenny and should probably involve more custard, but now I'm realizing that everything I just said is shit esoterica and should probably just vote yes and go.   

       Keep it in da fridge!
daseva, Jun 23 2010

       If you kept it on the table instead, it would start growing!
pocmloc, Jun 23 2010

       Yes, but not in a good way.
8th of 7, Jun 23 2010

       Sounds like something from Heston's Feasts <link>
simonj, Jun 24 2010

       Here's another bun to spread it on [+] --- now, break out another tub, I'm ready to relax...
Grogster, Jun 24 2010

       //What about a cheese tree in the middle ? //
Great idea you lot!. What about three of them?. That's right! Three cheese trees!. Now what can we get to fly through them?......
gnomethang, Jun 24 2010

       Nope, I got it!. Fleas!. And we're going to need three of them!
So once they are done flying through the cheese trees we can all say out loud what just happened!
Bless you Dr Seuss!
gnomethang, Jun 24 2010

       I see the Zen Cream Cheese Bagel Co. as a bagel snack food franchise where you can buy tasty cream cheese bagels - i.e bagels sliced in half, lightly toasted and expertly spread with Zen cream cheese patterns to bring a little bit of delicious Zen into your day.
hippo, Jun 24 2010

       That's an excellent idea. [8th]: fleas in cheese trees? Sounds like the bee's knees!
DrWorm, Jun 24 2010

       Zen cream cheese - "The sound of one knife spreading".
8th of 7, Jun 24 2010

       Nearly there, DrWorm - Repeat after me: Three fleas flew through three cheese trees.
gnomethang, Jun 24 2010

       + yummy, with sliced green olive stepping stones!
xandram, Jun 24 2010


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