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Credit Card Security

Add extra security on your bank account
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With the growing threat of credit card fraud over the internet i have come up with a great idea. If the suspect finds out your pin and credit card number then its simple for him to order stuff off the internet. But even worse if your card gets robbed then thats alot of hasstle. This is why i've come up the the idea of fingerprinting. Like a normal cash machien you can type in your pin but also for added security you have to scan your fingerprint.This will stop theifs from actually using your card anywere even with the PIN. The only problem is using it online!
barto-2004, Jan 14 2004


       how would you make that work over the internet?
babyhawk, Jan 14 2004

       [barto] I think you're suggesting fingerprints over the web. How?
jonthegeologist, Jan 14 2004

       No!! not for over the internet!!!! for use at cash points. Of course you cant use em over the internet. What i mean is they need your fingerprint to access your bank account so its impossible to get to your bank account over the internet which means lowering the threat of theifs using your card on the net
barto-2004, Jan 14 2004

       The same biometrics will be on my passport next. Oh shit!. My passport *is* my credit card. Sigh.
gnomethang, Jan 14 2004

       [barto] - So how would you propose we pay for things purchased via the net?
benjamin, Jan 14 2004

       As opposed to your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.
lostdog, Jan 15 2004

       then i guess they will just have to steal your finger too,
root, Jan 16 2004

       You could convert your fingerprint into a Public and Private key pair to work with the internet. In fact, if you had a signed key from the credit card company, then you could sign each receipt with your key, and have it be really secure. Maybe the credit card companies could use USB thumbdrives with fingerprint readers on the drive instead of at a register. Then the thumbdrive could store your signed receipts as well.
dan1123, Oct 28 2005


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