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Credit Sharing Service

"I could spend that money better than you!"
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The idea is to have a firm where you pay a monthly fee, and someone basically "steals" your identity to build up your credit.
21 Quest, Feb 02 2019


       You pay to have your identity stolen? If you pay extra, will they burgle you, too?
pertinax, Feb 03 2019

       It's stolen by a credit improvement expert.
21 Quest, Feb 03 2019

       What does this expert do with it? And who handles your overdue bills while he or she is doing it?   

       Doesn't this end up being a re-invention of debt-consolidation services, which already exist?
pertinax, Feb 03 2019

       //credit improvement expert// A morally tickled person, whom gets way more money than they can earn, transfers that excess back to where it came from. Of course with a fee.
wjt, Feb 03 2019

       [+] okay, that's hilarious. Sadly, it's actually a pretty solid business plan. (the "steals" bit isn't necessary - they can just send clients papers to sign and return)
FlyingToaster, Feb 03 2019

       //Doesn't this end up being a re-invention of debt- consolidation services//   

       Just curious, but how on [insert planet of your choice] did you get to that question?
Skewed, Feb 03 2019

       Just followed the voices ...
pertinax, Feb 05 2019

       <old joke> "Someone stole the daughter's credit card last week." "Did you report it?" "Nah, they're spending less than she does."<\oj>
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 05 2019


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