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Credit card and ad flyer GPS

Insert a GPS locator in customer loyalty cards, credit cards or ad flyers
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As a marketing ploy, a built in the card GPS locator would beep stronger and weaker )you're getting warmer) as the proper direction is located and lost when a store is near that accepts your customer loyalty card, and presents a compass like point when the type of credit card you own or any other object or location that needs to identify its location is nearby Travel promoters and similar could hand out a card or leaflet, thumb drive or software application for GPS/audio/video equipped laptops and comparable Iphone type gadgets to act as a docent for customers and visitors on self guided museum, facility and city tours, with accompanying audio and video. the device would of course have to be built thin, such as that concealed in audio greeting cards. A key chain fob, likely minus detailed video, could be programmed to do the same for multiple destinations. Just wave the phone fob over the wireless app installer pad at the site. Recent recent wireless transmission of of power developments could likely be modified to send programming info for multiple site locations in a single device, if they don't already, similar to the address book in a GPS. An indoor GPS repeater would be placed at the location, or at the center of the mall for indoor applications. The repeater would send RF FM signals so the satellite signals would not be blocked by indoor or the signal blocking structure. The GPS finding device would read GPS satellite and FM RF signals. "You are here" maps would be less necessary and the cost saved on placing these signs could be applied to the GPS repeaters. Thank you for additional ideas and critiques.

Edit 2013-08-23. These days one could create an app that would allow you to swipe a smart card chip equipped card across your smartphone or tablet and either of the devices would lead you to the store.

Sunstone, Sep 18 2010

Indoor GPS http://dnainfo.com/...hes-indoors-gps-app
Indoor GPS IPhone app [Sunstone, Sep 18 2010]

Indoor GPS Repeater http://www.gps-repeating.com/
Grab GPS coordinates indoors [Sunstone, Sep 18 2010]

Wireless pads charge electrical gadgets http://www.google.c...al&client=firefox-a
Wireless pads charge electrical gadgets without a physical connection [Sunstone, Sep 18 2010]

Wireless charging http://www.telegrap...phones-by-2012.html
Wireless charging for mobile phones by 2012 [Sunstone, Sep 18 2010]


       Thank you for the battery limitation critique 21 Quest. There are wireless chargers now that one could place the wallet or FOB on to charge the device before a shopping or sight seeing trip. Such personal things or usually kept at a single location anyway I believe. I know I do or I would never find them otherwise.
Sunstone, Sep 18 2010


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