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commercial gaming

Make money with internet gaming.
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This is a first person shooting grand theft type game (but you can also elect to shoot the second person) played on the internet. (please imagine it in your head so you will have more to go by than just my crappy writing)

To start you buy a character and equip your virtual self with weapons, a car, a medkit etc. and pay with your creditcard.

You shoot anything with a commercial logo and get payed per hit, say a dime, directly transferred to your creditcard. Or you can steal a car or shoot another player and sell the stuff they had on the streets and get more money.

There are several indicators at the bottom of your screen to let you know how wounded you are, how hungry and thirsty.

If you are wounded your character may die so you go to a hospital or doctor and pay the bill to restore your life with your creditcard.

If you spot food or drinks you can shoot them or take them to replenish your life.

If you spot a can of Red Bull you can drink it and gain ten seconds of flight, shoot stuff from the air.

Companies pay for it all because of the advertising possibilities.

The big question is: would Coca Cola pay to have lots of logos in the game for you to shoot(and thus you look at it and look for it untill the logo is fried into your brain) or would they pay for you to shoot up Pepsi logos?

zeno, Dec 20 2005


       Just because I always think about doing this in real life doesn't mean it would make a good game.
Laimak, Dec 20 2005

       I'm trying to figure out how the scoring would work in real life...."Yes, those ARE my bulletholes in that sign, now credit my account !"
normzone, Dec 20 2005

       Sounds fun, an online city where you drive cars and run amok. I like and game with damageable cars.   

       I love demolition derby.
DesertFox, Dec 21 2005

       Reminds me a bit of Jet Drive Radio Future, where you had to run around the city, tagging (grafitti) certain points, and get away from the forces of the powers that be - good game - different. It could work - and could build in complexity - you could simply destroy billboards and ads, but later, you could infiltrate radio & TV stations, open pirate counter-culture stations and fight the powers that be. Originally, I was going to give it the fish - but croissant to you - I think it could work. Even if the companies wouldn't give you licence - parody logos are fair game.
trekbody, Dec 21 2005

       Companies already regularly pay for advertising space in games (mostly the billboards in shoot-em-ups, I think). I've got an article on it here somewhere.
moomintroll, Dec 21 2005

       [trekbody], wasn't it Jet SET Radio?
5th Earth, Dec 22 2005

       Hmmm...interesting. I'd think many hackers would find out how to get 10 cents x 5,000,000. There would need to be some limit to the frequency of hits per credit card or IP address or something.
sophocles, Dec 22 2005

       Good comments, I like.
zeno, Dec 27 2005


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