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Cursor Ad Optimization

Trade your down time for big picture help
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Every computer experience I have ever had has latency issues. There is some point in the process that I am waiting for something to happen, whether it's the processor, the server to return a message, or whether there is some nefarious ad-server that installed itself on my computer that is conflicting with my ad blocking software. I would love to have the time and expertise to follow up on each one of these latency issues, whether it's waiting for a web page to download or waiting for the computer to start up, but I don't, and I hate advertisement because they always seem to get in the way -- after you wait 3 minutes for a web page to load and then finally click the back button in frustration, there is always a flurry of advertising that pops up on the page, meaning to me that the computer was having trouble downloading something to do with the ads. But I would give them my left testicle, and my privacy, if they would guarantee that they were doing as much as they could to optimize my whole process - they can put cursor ads on my computer as long as they compete to optimize my whole process. I am tired of having the Turkish parliament on my desktop. A real democracy would be Coke and Pepsi serving me cursor ads, and options to buy, along with the quickest possible access to information, and supporting it with the best antiviral/optimization army my money can buy. Cursor ads. I guess this is why Google bought Nest.
JesusHChrist, Jan 14 2014


       I'm not quite sure what the idea is here. There's a fairly coherent rant, but there might also be a small nugget of idea buried within it...
hippo, Jan 14 2014

       After a cursory glance, I think this idea is about mouse-over (or similar) ads. The presumption is that ads should not be about screen real estate (and by inference pixels, and once again by inference downloaded data) but rather about the object of, or area of, focus. I think [JHC] is saying he does not mind being pinged by ads attached to his focus, as relayed to the interwebs by his cursor movement, as long as they concentrate on that (and expedite that), and not downloading the bumf that will appear as he scrolls down, which he won't.   

       This is currently happening, as it turns out. It is just a price point issue. The technology that facilitates this idea is currently more expensive than just lumping ads onto web pages. This will change soon. Nobody likes winking in the twilight. Hey! That gives me an idea...
4whom, Jan 14 2014

       I would rather see an ad than the hourglass.
JesusHChrist, Jan 14 2014


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