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CrowdHire = crowdfunding + hiring

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Market: Opensource developments of coding, that can work on a steady salary rather than one big lump sum.

1. A project concept is started.

2. Job application opens.

3. Each applicants state their resume, experience, and price.

4. Funders join and commit a weekly or monthly payment, that can either be for a certain number of months for small project, or indefinitely if the project is ongoing. ( A certain amount needs to be locked into a pool before commencing)

5. Funders vote in two stages ( lower house is '1 dollar per vote', upper house is '1 person per vote') to choose candidate.

6. A team or individual is then selected from the pool of candidates to take on the job.


Once a person is selected, the funder's money is locked into a pool, to be payed out as a constant salary.

If during anytime, enough funders push the fire button, the project is then cancelled, and the remaining funds is released.

This provides a bit of incentive for the workers to show results each month.


Could possibly allow for democratic decision to hire more people etc...

mofosyne, Sep 22 2014

Gratipay https://gratipay.com
not quite this idea, but similar. This ones lets you fund individuals, rather than for a project. [mofosyne, Sep 22 2014]


       //This provides a bit of incentive for the workers to show results each month.//   

       It also provides incentive for the workers to baffle 'em with bullshit.
RayfordSteele, Sep 22 2014


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