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Incorporated masses open source firm

Incorporated firm owned by masses to protect against theft of Open Source projects
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Create a legal incoporated company, where the incorporation is open to the public where only hundreds of people can join at a time, and each can only have one equal part in the company. The company will always be open to have more people join, but no one can ever own more than one share.

The purpose of this company is to keep well known services free i.e. GMail like websites. Today Google can decide to simply start taking money (like hotmail started doing for a time). This company will NEVER give dividends to the members but rather will only invest all money in further development. When opting out, you give the original fee money to the company, and receive nothing except an official note saying you are not a member anymore. The company is a commercial one, using its development power to create revenue, but always keeping its main service open free to the public.

pashute, Oct 16 2008

creating new software http://sourceforge....ity/index.php/potm/
[beanangel, Oct 28 2008]


       Part of the point of open source project is that they be thieved - with attribution.
phoenix, Oct 17 2008

       visit sourceforge.net to create new projects
beanangel, Oct 17 2008


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