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Crowdsourced Polishing Service

Is crowdsourcing still a buzzword?
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This is a service for people who have items that require that they be polished with an indefinite time constraint.

There are several treatments available. With most generic treatment, the item is placed in a conspicuous place - the center of a square, the base of a statue, the entrance to a university building. Rumors are spread to tourists that "the locals believe that thing gives good luck when you rub it - bonus luck if you apply a little bit of wax or use a chamois".

For the finest shine, the item is placed in a cavern and tourists are informed that it is a natural treasure of immense age and rarity. They are warned not to touch it or it will be ruined forever.

determinism89, Oct 19 2018


       You seem to have a depressingly realistic view of human nature ...
8th of 7, Oct 19 2018


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