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Childrens bank

The whole $3 balance
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This bank would cater exclusively to children. Its employees would be trained to teach children the basics of working with money. Since contracts with children aren't legal the parents would have to sign on and since the amounts are so low the parents would have to pay a little for the privilege, but I'm sure many would find it worthwhile. They would start with a basic teller-only savings account and graduate up to self-managed investment accounts, bank cards, and even stocks and bonds.
Voice, Oct 07 2016


       It's a good idea, but children are given everything these days, and have no interest in interest.
normzone, Oct 07 2016

       In the UK, Junior Saver accounts have existed for decades, along with moronic patronising grinning idiot staff who have a total reality failure when they discover that not only can a 7 year old understand the concept of compound interest, but can also calculate it in their head to three decimal places.
8th of 7, Oct 07 2016

       Yep. Also Post Office Savings Account before that. Baked and WKTE.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 07 2016


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