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Crush procedure

increase/ decrease blood wash to crushed nail.
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If there is a finger bruise with probable nail loss and regrowth, I suggest an arm swing to a throbbing finger level and then a raise arm for 30 seconds. This is then recommended to be repeated five times.

My logic is along the lines that the crush will have produced closure to the tiny vessels starving them of nutrients and waste washing. Using centrifugal force, by a full arm, at the rotator cuff, blood will be forced into crushed phanges. Holding the hand stretched high into the air above the head, blood in the hand and finger will then drain away. This process will help supply fresh blood and take away any damaging products that may hinder healthy tissue regrowth.

Of course if it turns blue and has loss of feeling, please see your doctor.

wjt, Dec 07 2019


       Why not try a course of leeches ...?
8th of 7, Dec 07 2019

       I'm not avian enough for the ones around here but yes that would work better as detrimental waste and broken stuff is not handled by my other organs. I just have to replenish the loss.
wjt, Dec 07 2019


       I prescribe immediate ice-packs and elevation of the crushed area. If that didn't happen in time then...   

       ...it really doesn't hurt at all when the nail finally comes loose, but you want to have a gauze pad and some tape or at least a band-aid handy because the exposed nerve endings under the nail, (unless you are extremely unlucky), have never felt air before let alone socks and it needs a buffer for a while.   

       Yip, I know what I'm going to face. Ice is a good idea but I thinking about getting new blood into the damage.
wjt, Dec 07 2019


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