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Fingernail cleaner

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Some sort of device for cleaning fingernails. Could be one of those steam cleaning things, but it must remove all dirt from under the nail.
JoshW, Apr 20 2001


       Why is the little nail file/scraper that is typically attached to a nail clipper insufficient? Or why is a pocketknife no good? Works for me.
gd, Apr 20 2001

       Note, the Aqua Brush isn't as ridiculous as it might seem, since it's designed for artists who (I imagine) get all sorts of paints and clay and whatnot caked under their fingernails.
egnor, Apr 21 2001

       Medical personnel, kitchen staff (eg MacDonalds), ... (home cooks?) might need such an 'automatic' approved device. More reliable & proven cleanliness, but to wash the whole hand, not just the finger nails.
gz, Apr 21 2001

       Remove the nail itself
thumbwax, Apr 21 2001

       I always knew thumbwax would come in handy for something
thumbwax, Apr 21 2001


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