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...wafer thin. I could find no cryptography category that didn't have to do with computers.
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This was inspired by [bungston]'s 'Microtome Meats' idea [link].

An entire paragraph, dare I suggest even an entire novel punctuations and all, could be hand written within the confines of a single character on tough enough paper.
As a coded message this would be completely illegible.

If sliced apart at the micron level and each layer catalogued, it should be possible to decipher the entire contents of the message by comparing overlapping strokes.

Microtome_20Meats [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 26 2009]

http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Steganography [normzone, Aug 26 2009]

The Whole Alphabet, URW Gothic http://lahosken.san...thicL-Book_pfb.html
The alphabet, rendered overlapped. Inspired by some art by Tauba Auerbach [lahosken, Aug 26 2009]


       The process would have to resemble rapid prototyping, as the white space around the ink would also have to be made of material, otherwise the most probable intersection point (=middle of character?) would be built up faster then the rest of the space.
loonquawl, Aug 26 2009

       Why not combine the two ideas? You could carry quite a long communication in a salami. And in case of capture en route, simply eat the message as a delicious and sustaining snack.   

       Strictly speaking though, you're proposing a form of steganography, rather than cyptography, unless the former is a subset of the latter.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 26 2009

       I was going to suggest a Steganography category, (which all this time I've been reading as Stenography), but then I realised that there is no way to determine bakedness.   

       Nice find [lahosken].   

       Find? That appears from the name in the URL (and his profile page on here) to be [lahosken]'s own creation. And it's still up after ten years, surprisingly.   

       It's interesting, but I think it would be more interesting if it showed how deep the overlap-stack was at each pixel, by means of colors/shades.
notexactly, Aug 30 2019

       //[lahosken]'s own creation. And it's still up after ten years, surprisingly.//   

       The San-Fransisco portion of the address would seem to indicate that the annotation might be hosted on the same server as the halfbakery itself.   


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