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Page turning books

Pop up books that turn the pages themselves after some time
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Like a slow release turning page. Ultimate lazy device. Halfbaked so no-more yet
Sambo1978, Jun 28 2000



But (belated) welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Dec 07 2017

       As an addict of the printed word I was hoping for something revolutionary here - but alas, [Sambo1978] was another one hit wonder - not even an anno anyplace else.   

       [hippo] is so gracious ....
normzone, Dec 07 2017

       I saw the accident report, a brilliant job by the fire investigators. It seems a small hot coal (exhibit g) fell from Sambo’s fire. Luckily this coal began to fade innocuously and all would have been fine, until a book nearby started turning its pages, as if a ghost was reading it. The book turned its pages suitably fast, because it was a rip-roaring thriller called “The Waft of Death”.. A gentle breeze blew from it to the coal.. which glowed cherry red, like a devil’s eye. It began to smoulder...
DDRopDeadly, Dec 08 2017

       The basic failing here is in the subtitle: "Pop up books that turn the pages themselves after some time" . I mean, how? A pop-up book does whatever it's going to do when you turn the page - not after "some time". And what the fuck is "some time"? To a geologist, "some time" might be 100,000 years. To a physicist, "some time" might be a picosecond, or a million years. To a Djibouto tribal elder, "some time" is phonetically equivalent to "My cousin's red goat".   

       So, I think we have to say that [Sambo1978] is not, strictly speaking, up to scratch.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 08 2017

       So a powered paper kinetic sculpture. The book would have to be loaded in and the appliance would have be able to turn to the front of the book.   

       Ordinary books, probably, could be loaded and ''some time'' would be a personal two page reading speed. There must be book page turners for book scanning.
wjt, Dec 09 2017


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