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Crystal archive

inspired by the Rosetta archive
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1 / Make thin discs of DLC. That’s synthetic diamond.

2 / Burn the information that you want to keep onto it, as rounded pits, using a laser.

3 / use CVD to put a layer of silicon carbide over the data surface.

That makes a type of clear CD. Light will pass straight through the flat parallel surfaces. But because of the difference in optical properties, light hitting the pits will be scattered.

Durable but expensive CDs.

j paul, Jul 31 2011



       Shine the light parallel to the surfaces, in the extremely narrow space between synthetic diamond and silicon carbide layers. The pits will scatter the light normal to the surface, where it can be detected by an array of photodiodes. This will allow reading of multiple tracks simultaneously, and reduce, or eliminate the need to move the read head.   

       But mainly, it'll eliminate the need to change the spelling.
mouseposture, Jul 31 2011

       thank you 21
j paul, Jul 31 2011


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