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Database panic ball

saves your life in stressy situations like losing your whole database
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basically it's a storage device, that can synchronize with your server or computer's existing databases (oracle, mysql, etc) in real time so whenever you finish your work, unplug it, then you have your fully updated database with you all the time, and whenever a panic attack comes on your computer or your company's servers, there's an up to date backup on hand

ok there're lots of backup solutions around, so here's the new thing

I was thinking that if it's possible that this storage device (that I wish it could be inside a stress ball), could have processing capabilities to deal with the database engine itself.. so whenever you go work on any computer you can have your database on you all the time, and you can use it,,, this should also reduce the processing load on the computers themselves and make you able to use your database from any available computer as a replacement if your original host goes down

this could also be helpful in distributing Information Systems for multi-branch organizations like shops, retailers or even banks, and for transferring data that might not be safe if transferred over a network

koraiem, Jan 06 2010


       "Where DID I place that stress ball? Ooh, I'm even more stressed now ..."
Aristotle, Jan 06 2010

       Fitting more than a stamp processor into a ball would be challenging, but my biggest issue is the erge to throw such an item at times of extreme stress.   

       Maybe make a backup Yo-Yo. The string is USB and the spinning provides lots of cooling possibilities for the processor.
MisterQED, Jan 06 2010

       Even if I were invited, I would never go to a Database Panic Ball.
hippo, Jan 06 2010

       I would. With a camera.
lurch, Jan 06 2010


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