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Ctrl + Alt + Enter

Show your computer you care
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For so many years the trusted Ctrl + Alt + Delete has been at your side in times of tragedy. This simple three button function, regarded as your last resort and only second to the power switch when all else has failed and programs cease to respond, is 0 and 1's at their finest.

Now It's time to give back to your computer. The new Ctrl + Alt + Enter will allow you to tell your computer thanks for all its wonderful months of hardwork just before the corporate monsters render it obsolete with their latest version.

Why hug and kiss your computer when you can do that digitally? Your computer will thank you endlessly and as a token of it's appreciation it will produce warm and loving messages that are displayed on the screen. "Thanks" "You really like me" "Aww shucks" "You're too much really you are"

JPG4500, Nov 10 2006


       "No honey, I wasn't showing the computer love again, I only have eyes for you" (hits Crlt+alt+enter, wispers to computer that he will never leave it, not even for that nice new model with curves in all the right places)   

       It's the start of affairs with computers.
youngtimer, Nov 10 2006

       Brilliant + Perhaps we could make computers whose cooperativeness with their user was dependent upon affirmations and kindness towards these hard working little machines - they reckon technology is alienating? Not anymore. Teach those five year old computer addicts the virtues of relationships without them even having to leave the screen toplay with the other kiddies.   

       I don't know... But seriously, doesn't it just make your day when your kitchen appliances tell you to have a nice day or enjoy your meal :-) This way you could give back. Although, I kind of like manually patting my computer on the head when it is being nice to me (this doesn't happen very often might I add, the Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination is usually my best friend). I have always thought that saying nice things to cars, computers, etc makes them work better, now it's the time for technology to catch up and prove me right.
cetacean, Nov 10 2006

       When you forget to tell it how wonderful it is your computer would go all Marvin on you and this could be rather frustrating when you are in the middle of writing an important assignment or something (a new excuse for not getting work done... I was having relationship issues with my computer. I'm all for new excuses!)
cetacean, Nov 10 2006

       [Ian Tindale] are you the sort of person who would dissect small childrens' soft toys to show them that they aren't alive?
cetacean, Nov 10 2006

       'Enter'? - sounds a bit Freudian to me.
Dub, Nov 10 2006

       Maybe it could play a little slideshow from its deleted files bin. Sort of like a sentimental look back at documents, slides, e-mails, etc. that you two've composed together. One slide would disolve lovingly into the next with Kenny Rogers' song "Through the Years" playing along...
wylie_coyote, Nov 10 2006

       Not being a computer guy I tried this after reading the idea thinking it would actually do something. It didn't, so I beat the crap out of my dog in sheer frustration trying to protect the computer from my anger at it.   

       //Kenny Rogers' song "Through the Years" playing along...//
More like "Through the Weeks" with today's planned obsolescence...
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 10 2006

       Wow every second posting on this site someone manages to mention Freud somewhere in the discussion
cetacean, Nov 10 2006

       I think Emma Freud's well fit. Not sure I'd actually have sex with her though. Could get a bit complicated.
jtp, Nov 10 2006

       And she plays the saxaphone. What would great-grandad make of that?
jtp, Nov 10 2006

       [why are you Ctrl + Alt + Entering me Dave]?   

       My computer tells me that it loves me all the time +
xenzag, Nov 11 2006

       Maybe you could log onto someone's penis and show your PC you really care!
MoreCowbell, Nov 11 2006


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