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Condenser SteamOS

Condenser: Steam OS
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Ok, so check it out. Valve (unlikely) gets the DLLs and drivers from microsoft and creates a new version of the windows OS - the most basic, no explorer, no gui, nothing - just the dlls for running programs and the video drivers for 3D acceleration. then have the OS custom tailored to run a special, full screen copy of steam (the platform for all of the half-life 2 based games). games could be made for the SteamOS, which i'll call condenser. Microsoft could even use it in the Xbox 3 - you can get an xbox 3 which runs Condenser Games, or buy the Condenser OS for your computer. games would run so much faster because there would be virtually no resources used by the OS and other programs.
techotter, Dec 17 2004


       I am pretty sure that gaming consoles (the ps2, the xbox and the nes) are pretty much doing exactly what you are talking about here and this 'steamOS' would just serve as another platform for games thus diverging the market further and producing more crap games in the long run.   

       At one time PC's did operate in this manner, it was called DOS.   

       (sidenote - I do think the 'condenser' bit was clever though)
photojunkie, Dec 17 2004

       Yup, the XBox runs a chopped-down version of Windows XP, so this is pretty well baked.
krelnik, Dec 18 2004

       Ghod, for the good old days when you didn't have to worry about background programs interfering with games.   

       sadly, this is basically just a console, which Microsoft already has. Baked.
5th Earth, Dec 19 2004

       as said before: already baked with the xbox, xcept steam does not run on xbox.   

       If they would start anew, why should they risk their business by depending on MS? The only thing you can trust MS for is that they will routinely fuck over their partners. A new OS would be based on BSD or Linux. Porting games isn't that hard anyway. BSD and Linux are Free(speech & beer), windos is not.
nietsch, Dec 19 2004


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