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Cuba travel kit

thermogenesis drug plus kickboard plus $$ scheme to transport people
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dinitrophenol is a drug that causes thermogenesis; read about thrilling dinitrophenol at [link]

I think that voyagers from or to Cuba could use this as the basis of "budget" or "covert" travel

first: cubans away from cuba bundle a kickboard, compass, swim flippers, three pounds of high energy food plus some dinitrophenol as a floating kit; the kit may also have a code number

then: using current charts they release hundreds of these kits so they arrive at Cuban shores

a cuban that would like to travel verifies that they can live two or three full days immersed at the ocean under the effects of dinitrophenol; they do swim training as well

the person then uses the compass, food, kickboard to float plus swim to the land of their preference; based on the code the swimmer carries on arrival the emigre association wires 30 or 40$ to the person at cuba who picks up the kits plus finds people willing to swim to a new place; recruiting just two emigrants a day gives a rather high cuban wage

cuba is 90 miles from the US so three days of swimming is plausible

the purpose is to create a 30 or 40 dollar flee from bad government kit that sympathizers can release en masse; this compares very favorably to the 10k per illicit drug boat ride from Cuba

it revolutionizes refugeeism, if the dinitrophenol thing works; people swim the english channel thus the capacity is there

this thing: http://www. gizmag.com/go/4941/ is a battery powered 4 Kmph ocean scooter less than 190$; it might run off photovoltaics or a nernst battery to provide rest

also the kit works if youd like to swim to cuba as well

beanangel, Jun 12 2008

(?) dinitrophenol http://www.imminst....showtopic=22302&hl=
blood brain barrier preserving version briefly described [beanangel, Jun 12 2008]

wikipedia on thrilling dinitrophenol http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Dinitrophenol
Thus, as the dose increases and energy production is made less efficient, the metabolic rate is increased (and more fat is burned) in order to compensate for the inefficiency and meet energy demands. Interestingly, the factor that limits ever increasing doses of DNP is not a lack of ATP energy production, but rather an excessive rise in body temperature due to the heat produced during uncoupling. Accordingly, DNP overdose will cause a fatal fever. Studies have shown that an acute administration of 20-50 mg/kg in humans is lethal[1]. Concerns about dangerous side-effects and rapidly developing cataracts resulted in DNP being discontinued in the United States by the end of 1938. DNP, however, continues to be sold on the internet illegally [beanangel, Jun 12 2008]

Yummy swimmers! http://www.sharkinf...I2_01e/florida.html
[Klaatu, Jun 12 2008]


       //the purpose is to create a 30 or 40 dollar flee from bad government kit //
Presumably this is for people leaving the US?
coprocephalous, Jun 12 2008

       But where would they flee to ? Canada ?
8th of 7, Jun 12 2008

       //cuba is 90 miles from the US so three days of swimming is plausible//   

       Shark food <link>
Klaatu, Jun 12 2008


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