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commuter squeegee

Portable squeegee for steamed-up public transport
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On damp days condensation forms on the inside of bus windows (compounded by more people taking the bus when it's raining). Rather than wiping a bit of window with a sleeve and wandering around with a filthy, wet sleeve all day, simply pull out your squeegee, unfold the handle, and clear a section so you can see your stop approaching.

Rather than a "traditional" T-shaped squeegee with handle, how about an Oyster card holder with a rubber edge? Solidly made, his would also protect the fairly fragile RFID antenna.

aglet, Mar 28 2006

ITSO Specification http://www.itso.org...lt.asp?ContentID=49
[hippo, Mar 29 2006]


       Oyster is London’s travel smartcard. You can put your Travelcard or Bus Pass season ticket on it, add travel value (cash) to pay as you go or have a combination of both.
skinflaps, Mar 29 2006

       Ah, that explains why I hadn't heard of it.
calum, Mar 29 2006

       And before you ask, no, it's not ITSO(see link)-compliant
hippo, Mar 29 2006

       \\how about an Oyster card holder with a rubber edge?//   

moomintroll, Mar 29 2006


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